Kickstarter Game of the Month: ROKH

Kim Deuel

Each month we are bringing you the best and most interesting Kickstarter games, from charming indies to inevitable blockbuster hits. Here it is! 

Ever wanted to go to Mars? Well, now you can, virtually anyway. This month we take a look at ROKH, a Sci Fi survival game currently on Kickstarter.  Check out the video below, along with the Honorable Mentions and the latest Wikia communities based on successful Kickstarter campaigns!

ROKH is “deeply rooted in both scientific and realistic anticipation.” While the game can be played solo, survival is also at it’s hardest when in this harsh and unforgiving environment. The air is nigh un-breathable without filters and equipment to make it tolerable, sandstorms rock the planet and frozen nights may prove deadly.

Players arrive as part of the Mars Colonization Program and must immediately find ways to survive. Gather your friends or make new ones and decide where to build a base. This survival sandbox features  155 square miles of terrain to explore.

This game also supports PVP, so hack into the life support system of an unwanted neighbor, find a way past their security and steal their supplies! Development plans include user created mods, so the possibilities could be endless. If you want to back this on Kickstarter, move quickly — the campaign ends June 5.

Honorable Mentions


Niche is a mixture of simulation and strategy game about population genetics. The goal is to keep the tribe of creatures alive by surviving predators, climate changes and sickness.  Genetics also play a part as players discover newborns with unique colors and shapes, building a stronger population. This game has been funded and is under development by Team Niche. The campaign ends on May 30.

Join the community at Niche Wikia.

Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria is the first MMORPG where your character ages and dies. What role will you play in the story and what legacy will you leave behind? The game features a closed economy, finite resources, non-repeatable quests and a fully destructible environment. This means that each character will have their own unique experience. The 10 year story line will see your character live and die multiple times, each time reincarnating into someone stronger than before with knowledge gained from a previous life. This game has been funded and is under development by Soulbound Studios.

The campaign ends June 3. Join the community at Chronicles of Elyria Wikia.


Xenocider is a 3D arcade action game and is an innovative approach to the on-rails shooter genre. It tells the story of Xara, a cyborg from a remote planet who has been honed into a weapon of mass destruction. Players will blast their way through textured polygon-build worlds in order to reach the planet core and attempt to banish the planet from existence with the use of a time bomb. The game will launch for Windows, Max, Linux and, strangely, the Sega Dreamcast. This game is under development by Retro Sumus. The campaign ends June 9th, 2016.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

100 players are dropped in but only one will survive. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is a an online competitive first person shooter where the only goal is to be the last one standing. The map is open but a few minutes after participants have arrived, a plasma field will start pushing competitors closer together, Hunger Games style. Anyone caught in or outside the field will die. The game features a full, competitive ranking system, player betting system (think your friend has what it takes?), three large scale maps and multiple game modes. Land, scavenge equipment and stay out of the cross-hairs.

New Communities

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure – A point and click adventure developed by Stuck In Attic. Funded in May 2016.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows – A tactical action RPG developed by Witching Hour Studios. Funded in May 2016

Heroes of Dire – Multiplayer tactical RPG developed by Spellbook. Funded in May 2016.

The Wild Eight – A Co-op survival game developed by 8 points. Funded in April 2016.

Arcadian Atlas – A tactical RPG developed by Twin Otter Studios. Funded in May 2016

Empires of the Undergrowth – A simulation ant colony game developed by Slug Disco Studios. Funded in May 2016.

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