Kickstarter Game of the Month: ‘MachiaVillain’

With games like Yooka-Laylee and Shenmue 3 launching hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns, crowd-sourced funding is still as important as ever. That’s why each month we want to bring you the best and most interesting Kickstarter games, from charming indies to inevitable blockbuster hits.

This month, a horror mansion management game captures our attention. Check out the video below, along with honorable mentions and the latest Wikia communities based on successful Kickstarter campaigns!

MachiaVillain is being developed by Wild Factor – the same studio that brought us Freaking Meatbags. In their latest game, you will build a mansion and turn it into a minion abode by adding vampire crypts, mad scientist labs and cannibal kitchens. Bring in spiritual power by tapping into the nearby graveyard and craft new items using Evil Tree Wood.

Now all you need are some mindless minions to keep things running and some visitors for them to, uh, feed on. It’s like Deception meets The Sims! The Kickstarter is closed for now, but you can expect the game to be released on Steam this fall.

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