Kickstarter Game of the Month: ‘Epic Tavern’

Kim Deuel

Each month we are bringing you the best and most interesting Kickstarter games, from charming indies to inevitable blockbuster hits. Here it is!

There are video games that allow players to manage football, soccer and hockey teams, but what about managing a team of ale-drinking tale-telling song-singing bar buddies? From Richie Bisso and team comes a game that gives players a chance to do just that. Epic Tavern combines RPG elements with a unique combination of roster management and social simulation gameplay.

Players will build a legendary tavern to draw in the world’s greatest heroes. As the heroes drink ale and tell their tall tales, listen to their stories of mystery or conquest for possible quest opportunities. Then hire the Adventurers most fit for the task. Equip them with special weapons and relics, track their progress and reap the rewards if they succeed. Every quest choice made and every adventurer befriended could unlock new quests, alliances and new characters. Epic Tavern is expected to release some time in 2017 and has been Greenlit by the Steam Community.

Honorable Mentions

Lil Bub’s Hello Earth

Are you a fan of 8 bit video games? How about one you can play on mobile. What if we told you the main character is a cat that can shoot laser beams from her eyes? Who couldn’t resist that? Lil Bub’s Hello Earth will be free to download on Steam if the game is successfully funded. Not only that but Bub’s owner and game designer Mike Bridavsky is willing to donate $1 for every player who downloads the game for free if it releases, up to a total of $10,000, to Lil Bub’s Big Fund for Special Needs Pets. Help Lil Bub find the missing piece of her space pod so she can use it to rescue her friend Spooky in this ad-free mobile game, and help a worthy cause by backing this project at Kickstarter.

Kinetik: Tactical Survival Warfare

Kinetik is a new Tactical RPG Shooter that combines near-future technologies with airtight mechanics. The player can choose to create their character from the Navy SEAL’s, British Special Forces or Russian Spetsnaz, each having their own advantage or disadvantage. After working on games such as Planetside 2, Everquest and DC Universe Online, game developers Mat Broome and Keven McPherson have joined forces to create this new game, but they still need the help of backers to finish it. Join with Hero Machine Studios and help fund game while there is still time!


Nimbi is a puzzle adventure game set in a child’s imagination. Nimbi sets of on a journey with his kitten friend, but somewhere along the way the kitten is lost. Players will need to use their child-like ingenuity and solve puzzles and challenges in their quest to find Nimbi’s friend. During this adventure Nimbi will gain access to different Animal Onesies that grant him special abilities to help him overcome obstacles . Later in the game players will need to combine the Onesies to complete harder tasks.The game will have 10 levels to explore, with at least four hours of total gameplay challenges. Backers are still needed to support the game and bring Nimbi to fruition.

New Communities

Ghost Theory – A ghost hunting horror adventure game created and developed by Dreadlocks LDT. This game was funded in May 2017

Avorion – A voxel journey to the center of the galaxy. Created by Konstantin Kronfeldner and funded in May 2017

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