Kevin Bacon Starring in ‘Tremors’ TV Show

If there’s any franchise that has stayed true to its fans it’s Tremors. The cult classic monster film has spawned four sequelsa television series, and has never lost its unique blend of comedy, thrills, and old fashioned monster madness. I’m an enormous fan of the property and today’s news makes me more excited than a graboid at a Stomp concert.

We’ve known that a new Tremors series was in the works with Kevin Bacon set to return as Valentine McKee, and today gives us confirmations from Val himself:

A ten episode miniseries? YES! This sounds like an absolute blast. The world can always use more Tremors and television is proving to be the best venue for niche properties like this to flourish. Will the series acknowledge all the different stages of the graboid life-cycle or will we just stick to the underground worms? Either way, I cannot wait to see how this is going to manifest. This is one of the most consistently enjoyable franchises out there, and Bacon returning to one of his best roles makes this a momentous occasion.

There’s no date or anything concrete set in but it’s good to know that the project is on its way. We’ll be keeping our ear to the ground on this one.


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