EXCLUSIVE: Kane Hodder Has Shot 70 New Kills For ‘Friday the 13th’ Game

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We already knew that there were more kills coming to the Friday the 13th game, and now star Kane Hodder – who plays Jason Voorhees in both the game and the films – has revealed that the fresh murders will number around 70.

The developers have been continually updating the game since it was released, adding new characters, maps, skins, Easter Eggs and the like. And now gore-hounds are going to get a bunch more kills.

New Friday the 13th Kills

The games director and executive producer Randy Greenback teased the news  of these juicy new executions around a month ago, via Twitter.

And speaking exclusively to FANDOM at FrightFest earlier this week, Hodder elaborated, explaining: “We just did some more motion-capture three weeks ago. Another 70 kills or something. I guess it’s for the single-player, or different options in the game or whatever, but it’s going very well, because we came up with some interesting ones.”

Hodder seems unsure where the kills will appear, so if they aren’t in the upcoming single-player mode as he claims, expect to see them eventually make their way into the game’s multiplayer later this year on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Scary Spandex

Kane Hodder first played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, followed by Jason Takes Manhattan, The Final Friday, and Jason X. And it was those performances that won him this motion capture gig.

“They contacted me and said that, in their opinion, I was the only person that should do motion-capture for Jason within the video game” he explained. “And I was very flattered, and happy, and was happy to agree to it, and it was a lot of fun. It was weird trying to be scary while wearing spandex, but maybe that worked anyway.”

Hodder was promoting two films at FrightFest – Victor Crowley (see interview below) and a documentary about his life entitled Kane Hodder: To Hell and Back.

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