8 Things We Learned in the ‘Justice League’ Teaser

Brian Linder
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A brand new trailer for Justice League has arrived and the film is looking pretty impressive so far. The newest teaser is full of great moments. Take a look.

Pretty cool, right? But that teaser is so packed with moments that there had to be a few you missed. Let’s slow it down and take a closer look at the eight big things we learned from the new Justice League trailer.

The Parademons (And Apokolips) Have Arrived

If you watched the extended edition of Batman V. Superman, you already saw hints of Fourth World technology in the form of a Mother Box, and this new trailer starts early with building that up. We see Cyborg‘s father seemingly delivered a Mother Box, and in BVS we already saw him use that highly advanced tech to save his son’s life and turn him into Cyborg.

However, this implies that it was supplied to him by agents of Darkseid, specifically Steppenwolf, the knife-loving sinister son of Darkseid who goes unseen in the trailer. Could Cyborg be an unwitting agent of Apokolips?

Is Wonder Woman the Leader?

This trailer had a few scenes of Batman bringing the team together, but does that mean he’s officially the leader? Because, as this shot near the end seems to imply, it’s Diana Prince leading the team into the fray here. Perhaps she’s the actual leader in the field. Also worth noting, his looks to be inside an Apokolips-designed structure, the kind of place the Justice League infiltrates in Geoff Johns/Jim Lee Secret Origins comic storyline that the film seems to be taking as inspiration.

There’s a Cyborg V. Flash Fight

In a superhero film, you’re guaranteed at least a few exciting scenes of heroes fighting amongst themselves, and Justice League looks to deliver on that as well. But what are the circumstances? Has Cyborg been reprogrammed by that Mother Box tech alluded to early in the trailer? Is this him turning on the team? Even so, it doesn’t seem like he stands much of a chance against the Speed Force.

Our First Look at the Speed Force in DCEU

Fans of the Arrowverse Barry Allen know the Speed Force all too well. It’s the source of all the hyper fast motion that all Speedsters tap into. And it looks like the Barry of the DCEU can travel into it as well, though it’s a little different — a lot more blue. Speaking of similarities, it looks like Barry’s dad in the DCEU is also wrongly imprisoned for murder of Mrs. Allen.

Hopefully, things work out better for this version of Barry’s father than they did in the Arrowverse.

Aquaman Stole The Show

For the longest time, the very concept of an Aquaman film made people laugh. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to the rugged power of Jason Momoa in the role. Aquaman has all the best moments in this trailer, usually at the expense of Ben Affleck’s Batman. And the trailer smartly closes with the best scene of them all: Arthur getting a boost from the Batmobile.

This was the type of moment missing from the self-serious, sour Batman V. Superman. Riding around in the Batmobile is supposed to be fun! Finally, there’s a character who enjoys being a superhero.

Our First Look at James Gordon

If that supposed Batfleck solo film ever really happens, we should be seeing a lot more of the Commissioner, but this small dose was great. J.K. Simmons is stupendous in everything, so it’s no surprise he’d play Gordon well with a hint of the long history he and Batman share.

Here’s Lois Lane… Can Superman be Far Behind?

Clark Kent ended the last film deader than a parrot, but comic fans know that death has never stopped him before. And seeing a momentary glimpse of Amy Adams’ Lois in the trailer might hint that we won’t have to wait long to see Henry Cavill wearing his symbol of hope again.

A War For Apokolips?

The trailer ends with the briefest of shots of an all-out attack between two armies, one of which seems to be all women, possibly Wonder Woman’s Amazonian sisters. Is this a flashback to a previous defense of Earth against Darkseid’s forces? A modern day battle by the Amazons that spurs Diana to seek help? Or is this in the terrible future a sleepy Batman envisioned in the last film? Hard to say, but I’m guessing the last one.



Did we miss any big moments? Maybe rewatch again and let us know. You’ll have plenty of time to examine it before the November 2017 release.

Brian Linder
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