Final ‘Justice League’ Trailer Gives Us Our Best Look at Steppenwolf

Drew Dietsch
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Justice League is only a few weeks away and we haven’t seen a whole lot of footage surrounding the main villain, Steppenwolf. Well, the folks at Warner Bros. have offered up a final trailer. And guess what?

Yup, it gives us a pretty good look at the film’s big bad. Click that play button and get to watchin’!

The First Wave of Apokolips

This trailer emphasizes the coming invasion from Apokolips, the home planet of the powerful Darkseid. We see a whole bunch of Parademons unloading from ships in mid-air. As far as scale goes, we’re getting to see the real size of Steppenwolf and his army.

Speaking of size, this trailer also shows off just how huge Steppenwolf himself is. Actor Ciarán Hinds is bringing a lot of regal menace to the character in his vocal performance. That’s all good.

But, his design and size remind me a bit of Incubus from Suicide Squad. Here’s hoping Steppenwolf is a lot better than that antagonist.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17. Will it be a smash hit that helps to revitalize the DC Extended Universe? Or will this superhero team-up fail to bring the goods? We’ll all find out very soon.

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