‘Justice League’: Cyborg’s Powers Explained

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains very mild spoilers about the Justice League film and the character Cyborg. Proceed with caution.

The Justice League has some pretty heavy hitters, but its most powerful member may be the half-human, half-machine Cyborg.

The character (played by Ray Fisher in the new film), was introduced via cameo to the DC Extended Universe in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Character Origin

Footage of his “creation” was found in the files Wonder Woman hacked. Before his transformation, Cyborg was Victor Stone, a star football player. He was mortally wounded in a car accident, with much of his body beyond repair. Victor’s father, the scientist Silas Stone, was able to salvage his son’s head and upper torso. (Sharp-eyed fans will recognize Silas’ portrayer, actor Joe Morton, as the cybernetic scientist Miles Bennett Dyson from Terminator 2.)

Unwilling to let Victor die, Silas developed a cybernetic body, but couldn’t complete the project. With the help of an alien Mother Box, Silas was able to connect Victor’s human consciousness to an extremely powerful robotic body. Batman and Wonder Woman need extra firepower to combat Steppenwolf, so they recruit Cyborg into the ranks of the Justice League.

Cyborg’s Powers Explained

Justice League Cyborg
Cyborg commandeers an even bigger bot.

So what exactly are Cyborg’s powers?

His cybernetic body grants him superhuman strength and durability. It houses sophisticated systems that allow him to interface with other computers, and also create tools and weapons.

Cyborg’s “organic and biomechatronic body parts” (as Wonder Woman describes them) give him a variety of combat options. His primary weapon is an arm-mounted sonic cannon. He’s able to create a jetpack for flight, and additional armor to cover his human (aka vital) areas.

One trailer shows the hero taking control of an even bigger, heavily armed mech — adding to the League’s firepower.

Justice League opens on November 17 in the U.S. and U.K.

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