‘Justice League’: Aquaman’s Powers Explained

Lawrence Yee
Movies DC
Movies DC

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains very mild spoilers about the Justice League film and the character Aquaman. Proceed with caution.

“I hear you can talk to fish,” Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne says to Aquaman while trying to recruit him for the Justice League.

Well, not quite.

While Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, does have the ability to telepathically communicate with sea creatures in the DC Comics, he doesn’t demonstrate that ability in the new Justice League film. And no, he doesn’t ride a giant CGI seahorse, either.

More Changes From the Comics

That’s not the only change. In the film, Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa plays Curry. Best known for portraying Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, the dark-haired Momoa is a far cry from the blond hero from the comics. Although oddly, he has sea green eyes. He is also heavily tattooed, with make-up artists adding to the actor’s own personal ink. He is the tallest of the Justice League heroes, as well.

Aquaman Justice League
Make-up artists created a scale-like tattoo design.

Aquaman’s Powers Defined

So what exactly are his powers?

As a human-Atlantean hybrid, this Prince of Atlantis can breathe indefinitely and can swim unimpeded underwater.

He has superhuman strength as well; in one trailer he’s seen standing in the middle of a tidal wave without moving. He is also superhumanly agile as well, able to leap in the air and take down parademons.

Like his teammate Wonder Woman and Superman, he’s superhumanly durable, able to withstand the pressure from the ocean depths and blows from foes. He also dons ornate Atlantean armor for added protection.

Aquaman’s weapon of choice is a “quindent.” Instead of the three prongs of a trident, Aquaman’s has five. He can throw his quindent with incredible accuracy and force (ala the Night King in Game of Thrones), or use it in hand-to-hand combat as a thrusting spear.

Combined with his confidence and recklessness, Aquaman is one of the more unpredictable League members. He is incredibly protective of his underwater kingdom, as well as the nearby Canadian fishing village and its inhabitants.

To see Aquaman in action, check out Justice League in theaters November 17.

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