Judge Dredd Game is a Definite Possibility

Samantha Loveridge
Games Comics
Games Comics

It looks like you might be getting a Judge Dredd game in the future, which could be one of the coolest things ever for 2000AD fans. According to British-based studio, Rebellion, who own equally-British comic book series 2000 AD and therefore the character of Judge Dredd too, it is already considering making a game based on the judge, jury and executioner.

Rebellion’s CEO, Jason Kingsley, spoke to PCGamesN at E3 last week, where the developer was showing off two of its upcoming titles: Rogue Trooper Redux and the brilliant Strange Brigade.

When asked specifically if fans can expect a new Judge Dredd game, Kingsley was immensely positive:

“Yes, we can. Yes, we can,” said Kingsley. “We’ve obviously got the TV show that we’ve announced. That’s in the early stages of development, which is very exciting.”

That TV show is Judge Dredd: Mega City One, which is a live-action TV series, co-produced by Rebellion and IM Global, the latter of which was responsible for the 2012 Dredd movie and the fantastic Locke, starring Tom Hardy.

“But realistically, that’s going to be a couple of years from now before it hits the screens,” added Kingsley. “A couple of years is the sweet spot, perhaps, for making a computer game.

“So we’ve got to seriously look at something with Judge Dredd in the computer game space. I don’t know yet, we haven’t made any decisions, but it’d be crazy not to look at it, anyway.”

That’s technically not an actual confirmation, but it’s as good as we’re going to get before the game is actually in development.

Hopefully, Judge Dredd will get some renewed interest when the TV show airs, giving the studio an even bigger reason to bring us a Judge Dredd game soon after.

Samantha Loveridge
Sam is the UK Gaming Editor at Fandom. She's been addicted to games since she first got her paws on a GameBoy and hasn't looked back.
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