Josh Boone Puts ‘the Stand’ on Hold to Adapt Stephen King’s ‘Revival’

Brandon Marcus

As it has been many times before, the big screen adaptation for Stephen King’s The Stand has once again been placed on the back burner.

Josh Boone, director of The Fault In Our Stars and the man who has been tasked with turning King’s magnum opus into a film, has put production of The Stand on hold. It’s not all bad news for King fans, though, because Boone has decided to adapt King’s novel Revival instead. Revival, released last year, revolves around a crazed New England preacher and his terrifying relationship with a young man. The novel was very well received by critics and, like all of King’s work, was bound to become a movie sooner rather than later.

Josh Boone

According to Deadline, Boone is still set on making The Stand, but the process is taking longer than normal. Its option with Warner Bros. recently ran out and now CBS Films is looking for a new partner on the massive project. Instead of sitting on his hands while The Stand gets sorted out, Boone decided to make Revival instead. He penned the script with Michael De Luca and worked closely with King himself. The script has now been submitted to Universal, but will find a home elsewhere if they pass.

While an adaptation of Revival is exciting, the delay of The Stand is a huge bummer for King fanatics. This has been the great white whale for King diehards, they have been waiting to see this project converted to a big screen success for ages. Boone seemed to get further than other filmmakers before him, but now it’s on hold. There’s still faith that it’ll get put together after Boone concludes his work on Revival; he seems very committed to making it happen. Until then, fans have the fantastic book (and not-so-fantastic mini-series) to keep them satisfied.

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