‘John Wick: Chapter Two’ Poster Reveal

Bob Aquavia

What’s the measure of a man? According to Samuel Johnson, it’s how you treat others who can absolutely do you no good. For John Wick, it’s a little more…severe.

Welcome back, John.

John Wick: Chapter Two
Looking good there, John...

Today had the reveal of both the first poster for the sequel as well as the release date. We’ll finally have an idea when we’ll see the next chapter for Keanu Reeves’ formerly retired assassin. Thankfully most of the colorful cast is returning, as well as new additions that include Common, Ruby Rose, and Laurence Fishburne.

One of the great aspects of the original was the unique world that was built. Contract killers could operate somewhat openly but under a strict set of rules. They had their own currency, hierarchies, and nuances.

I’m both simultaneously excited and wary of the next movie. The first had a very linear motivation and was self-enclosed. I’m hoping the sequel will fall under the “we had more story to tell” line of thinking instead of a simple cash grab. Hopefully, the forthcoming trailer will shed more light and give us a taste of how they’re elevating the game even further after the first movie set the bar.

Either way, it’s Keanu Reeves kicking ass. I’ll have my ticket for opening weekend.

Bob Aquavia
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