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Is Jeff Davis Leaving ‘Teen Wolf’?

Citing exhaustion after more than 6 years at the helm of MTV’s Teen Wolf, Executive Producer Jeff Davis tells FANDOM he’s pulling back a bit from the show he created for the network in 2010.  “Yes, MTV is graciously allowing me to step back in my role.” Davis says he’ll remain as “showrunner” but probably won’t be so hands-on with the scripts and the day-to-day of the production.

Teen Wolf Actor Linden Ashby and Executive Producer Jeff Davis on set

Ramping down his duties won’t start for a little while though. The production is currently transitioning from putting the finishing touches on Season 5 episodes to filming Season 6. “I have not actually been able to pull away as much as I’d like just yet,” Davis explains. “I’ve been splitting my time between writers’ room and post production. Now that post is almost done, I’ll be able to breathe a bit more, however.”

Others on the Teen Wolf Team will take on extra work to make up for Davis’ absence. “Mostly other producers picking up the weight so that I can get a much needed break.” Davis says they’ll have extra help with next season’s scripts as well. “We hired two new writers, Mark Kruger and Ross Maxwell, who are both great.”

Not everyone is convinced Davis will be able to stay away from Beacon Hills for very long. “There’s a bet going on here about how long I’ll actually be taking for vacation,” he said. “Most don’t think I’ll last a week!”

New episodes of Teen Wolf air Tuesdays at 9 pm on MTV and the MTV App. New episodes are available for streaming from Amazon and iTunes.

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