Shirtless Jason Momoa Saving Lives on ‘Baywatch’ Just Proves He Was Destined to Play Aquaman

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I will pretty much find any excuse to look at photos of Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian actor who, in my humble opinion, is the hunkiest man alive. We all know Jason Momoa is starring as Aquaman in this year’s Justice League movie as well as the superhero’s own solo movie coming out in 2018, but did you know he was basically Aquaman back in 1999 on Baywatch Hawaii?

Surprised? Me too. Fear not, I tracked down some videos of young Jason Momoa for you to drool over.

Jason Saves a Woman’s Life

Watch this clip of Jason jumping into the water to save Terry from drowning. He even performs CPR on her like a pro. I’d let Jason perform CPR on me any day!

Jason Sings on Baywatch Hawaii

Move over, David Hasselhoff! Looks like the eternally shirtless-one can act, he can dance, he can sing, he can do it all! As if we needed another reason to love him. Watch this clip of Jason seducing the crowd with his voice in an episode of Baywatch Hawaii.

Two Words: Shirtless. Running.

Run, Jason, run! Everyone knows that the main appeal of Baywatch is watching the characters run. I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more than watching Jason running shirtless on the beach. No one will judge you if you watch this clip six or seven times in a row, or, you know, all day on repeat.

Sorry, Ladies! He’s Taken

Jason is currently married to Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz‘ mother. They’ve been together for seven years and counting!

Jason Momoa recently started filming the upcoming Aquaman movie. I can’t wait for more shirtless running and aquatic hijinx when the film comes out late next year.

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