Jared Harris Returns to AMC in ‘The Terror’

The Terror, a novel by Dan Simmons, is one of the most gripping pieces of historical fiction published in the last decade. The true tale of John Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic is turned into a monster story in Simmons’s novel, and it’s an intense story of survival and the harshness of nature. AMC is adapting the book into a ten episode series that will premiere sometime next year.

The production has already landed Ciarán Hinds as Franklin, but today’s news should make Mad Men fans giddy. Jared Harris will be portraying Francis Crozier, the captain of the HMS Terror and second in command of the expedition. Harris was last seen on AMC as the immensely likable Lane Pryce. His shocking exit from the series left an indelible mark on the show. It will be great to see him on the small screen again.

The Terror is being called an anthology series which is bizarre. Supposedly, the novel will be adapted in the first season but where will the show go from there? Will it be adapting other historical horror events? That seems a little sketchy since American Horror Story seems to be banking on a similar gimmick. Still, there are plenty of ways to approach such a concept. The Terror could be a jumping off point to far more in-depth and realistic depictions of mysterious historical moments. There’s plenty of room for such an idea.

Regardless, start getting excited about The Terror. The cast is shaping up to be phenomenal and AMC has a hell of a track record. The only network that’s comparable at this point is HBO. That’s a big compliment for AMC. They’ve become a go-to destination for mature, thoughtful, and cinematic television. It’s certain that The Terror will fit right in with that mold.

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