James Cameron Working With ‘Deadpool’ Director on New ‘Terminator’ Movie

Drew Dietsch
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

The Terminator is one of the best films of the ’80s. James Cameron’s sci-fi/horror film kicked off a franchise that is still one of the most recognizable in the world. However, the series hit a wall with the abysmal Terminator Genisys and the series has stalled in a big way. Today’s news might be a big turnaround for the property in a big, big way.

News just broke about James Cameron returning to the franchise to godfather a new Terminator film. And the person currently tapped to direct this project? None other than Tim Miller, director of Deadpool. This is enormous news. Cameron has been hands-off with the Terminator films ever since he directed Terminator 2: Judgment Day, widely considered to be one of the best sequels ever made. While he has given some of the subsequent films his blessing, he’s never been involved in any of their productions. Until now.

And nabbing Tim Miller is a huge publicity win. Miller recently left Deadpool 2 because of “creative differences,” but he’s become something of a hot ticket thanks to Deadpool‘s gargantuan box office success. He was recently announced as the director of a Sonic the Hedgehog film, but this Terminator job seems much more up his alley.

Does this mean that the franchise will return to its R-rated roots? Will this be a full reboot or will it try to tie into the previous films and their established timeline? Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be making an appearance or is this going to be a true restart to the franchise? So many questions are up in the air but they are all reasons to be excited. Cameron’s involvement is a real testament to the franchise’s desire to right itself. Exactly how much influence he will have on the project remains to be seen.

We’ll stay on top of this news because WOW. This could be the shot in the arm this series has needed. Time to rewatch the original and get pumped.

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