Is James Bond Playing Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’?

Drew Dietsch
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

Deadpool 2 has become one of the most anticipated comic book sequels in recent memory. The first film broke the mold for superhero cinema in a big way and promised a sequel that would do even more. One of the greatest pieces of news came during the post-credits teaser where Deadpool himself announced that the sequel would feature Cable. The time-traveling mutant has been the Merc with a Mouth’s compatriot many times in the comics, so this pairing is one that the fans have been waiting to see. Not to mention that it will be the first time that Cable will make his big screen debut.

But that led to the obvious question: who will play Cable? Avatar and Don’t Breathe star Stephen Lang was gunning for the role fairly hard on social media. There were also rumors that Kyle Chandler (Friday Night LightsSuper 8) had been brought in for the role. But now, Wade Wilson himself is stoking the fan fire more than ever before. With a simple picture on his Instagram, Ryan Reynolds has started a fervor into who might be playing Cable. Check out the photo and read into it what you will:

Could this mean that Pierce Brosnan has snagged the role of Cable? Truth be told, he has a great look for the character. Just frost that hair white and give him that iconic eye and he’s a wonderful visual choice. Plus, his acting persona would be perfect since Cable is meant to be the straight man to Deadpool’s zaniness. Brosnan knows how to play authoritative and cool. The guy was James Bond! You don’t get more authoritative and cool than that. Also, Brosnan is the kind of recognizable star the role of Cable needs. Putting a very familiar face in that role will help sell this new character to general audiences.

But, this could just be a bit of expert trolling on the part of Reynolds. He’s certainly not above such shenanigans. Although, having Wolverine in the picture does seem like it’s trying to be a little definitive. Hopefully, we’ll hear some clarification on this sooner rather than later. Personally, I hope this is true. Brosnan is an undervalued actor who could use a big hit like Deadpool 2 is bound to be. And if you think he’s not up to the vulgar and violent ridiculousness of Deadpool’s world, then you need to see The Matador.

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