‘It’ Poster Revealed, Trailer Tease Makes Tomorrow Seem So Far Away

Drew Dietsch

It needs to get here NOW. The Stephen King adaptation is starting to ramp up. Reactions from SXSW have been extremely positive and we’re finally starting to see more of the movie. The trailer will hit tomorrow but the good folks at Warner Bros./New Line Cinema have given us some early gifts.

Pull the covers up to your eyes and give yourself a look at the first poster for Stephen King’s It.

stephen king it poster

If you were going to pull an image and a line from this story, that’s the stuff you go with. Instantly recognizable, iconic, and downright creepy. Love that you can just make out Pennywise‘s face through the balloon. Is that poster not enough for you? How about a tease for the trailer?

Gyah!!! Again, this is hitting the notes you’d expect but it’s making the wait unbearable. It is practically the Horror Bible for a lot of horror fans. If this adaptation can do the source material justice, It could be the kind of event horror film I’ve been dreaming of for years.

Stephen King’s It crawls out of the sewer on September 8. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the trailer, and probably hear me go crazy with my theories and excitement.

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