Who Should Play the Losers’ Club as Adults in the ‘IT’ Sequel?

Drew Dietsch
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Movies Horror

IT is one of the biggest horror movies of all time. Naturally, this has fans chatting about the eventual sequel. A big part of the story involves the members of the Losers’ Club returning to Derry as adults to finish off It once and for all. So, who should play the adult versions of these kids in IT: Chapter Two?

I’ve racked my brain on this one and come up with some possibilities that I feel pretty strongly about.

Jimmi Simpson as Bill Denbrough

it movie losers club bill jimmi simpson
Jaeden Lieberher as young Bill Denbrough and my suggestion for his adult actor, Jimmi Simpson.

This seems like a no-brainer. Simpson is a dead ringer for an older Jaeden Lieberher. More than that, Simpson can embody that quiet intensity that Lieberher brought to the role of Bill. Simpson has proven himself on many occasions, most notably on Westworld and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Plus, he was already in a Stephen King miniseries. He’s primed to go!

Christina Hendricks as Beverly Marsh

it movie losers club beverly
Sophia Lillis as young Beverly Marsh and my suggestion for her adult actor, Christina Hendricks.

A lot of fans have been clamoring for either Jessica Chastain or Amy Adams in this role. They’re both excellent actresses, but they are also a little too noticeable at this point in their careers. Hendricks has been flying under the radar a bit since the end of Mad Men and that’s a crime. She’s a phenomenal actress who also embodies the angelic beauty and power that is so central to the character of Beverly.

Hendricks deserves to be a mega movie star and this is the role that could make that happen.

Jerry O’Connell as Ben Hanscom

it losers club ben jerry oconnell
Jeremy Ray Taylor as young Ben Hanscom and my suggestion for his adult actor, Jerry O'Connell.

In the book, Ben Hanscom grows up to be a pretty hunky dude who sheds his weight. O’Connell actually embodies that since he used to be a heavyset kid.

And he even starred in a Stephen King adaptation, Stand By Me, that is a clear inspiration for IT. This would be a bit of fun meta-casting that would also give O’Connell a chance to get back in the big screen spotlight.

Hugh Dancy as Eddie Kaspbrak

it movie losers club eddie hugh dancy
Jack Dylan Grazer as young Eddie Kaspbrak and my suggestion for his adult actor, Hugh Dancy.

After his twitchy turn as Will Graham on Hannibal, Dancy is a great fit for the nebbish uncertainty of an adult Eddie Kaspbrak. It’s not hard to see him spouting ridiculous health facts at the other Losers. He’ll also be a great focal point for a lot of tension in the group. Tell me you can’t see him taking hits of an inhaler in every scene?

Kyle Mooney as Richie Tozier

it movie losers club richie kyle mooney
Finn Wolfhard as young Richie Tozier and my suggestion for his adult actor, Kyle Mooney.

This role is tough because Finn Wolfhard was such a standout in the first film. Mooney is an accomplished comedian with the right look and energy to play an adult Richie.

He might look a little younger than the others on that list — that’s because he is — but Richie is a character who definitely wants to come across as younger. Mooney could definitely play slightly older and his acerbic tone seems perfect for Richie.

Jeffrey Wright as Mike Hanlon

it movie losers club mike jeffrey wright
Chosen Jacobs as young Mike Hanlon and my suggestion for his adult actor, Jeffrey Wright.

Mike is the only character that stays in Derry after everyone else leaves. It ends up taking its toll on him since he’s also the only one that remembers what happened. Wright can play weary yet strong so well, and there is also something so warm yet sad about him. Mike’s story is a tad tragic and Wright has the correct gravitas to portray that.

Adrien Brody as Stan Uris

it movie losers club stan adrien brody
Wyatt Oleff as young Stan Uris and my suggestion for his adult actor, Adrien Brody.

SPOILER for the novel IT.

Stan is an important character for the audience as he’s the member of the Losers’ Club that came closest to actually being devoured by It. Because of this, his fear of returning to Derry overpowers him and he commits suicide.

Getting a more notable actor in the role and starting the movie with his suicide would show that the story is not playing it safe. Anyone can die. Brody looks the part and can portray a haunted demeanor with utter perfection.

Who do you think should be cast in IT: Chapter Two? Let us know @getfandom or hit me up and give me your picks! And if you haven’t seen IT yet, you are missing out.

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