Is This Proof of a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 9? [Spoilers]

Colette Smith
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Streaming TV

This morning, Netflix tweeted a not-so-subtle tweet heavily hinting at another season of Gilmore Girls. Although season eight didn’t exactly go down as well as hoped with long-time fans, the four-part series did finish on something of a cliffhanger. Those infamous “last four words” left the door wide open for another season.

Oy With the Spoilers Already

This is the tweet in question:

The tweet references the episode when April Nardini goes looking for her father, making the search and subsequent DNA testing into a science fair project. In her project, she tested two men as well as Luke Danes to see who her father was, although April admitted that Luke was the obvious candidate.

Who’s the Father?

The image doesn’t give too much away as far as who might be the father, with the most likely candidates being Logan, the oft-forgotten Paul, and the random guy Rory hooked up with at a convention wearing a Wookiee costume.

However, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life went to great lengths to show that Rory had very little interest in Paul, so it’s hard to imagine they two had enough time together in the same location for him to impregnate her. While it’s unclear how far along Rory’s pregnancy is when she reveals the news to her mother at the end of the Fall episode, she can’t be too far along. Given this timeframe, Paul seems rather unlikely, leaving us with Logan and the Wookiee costume.

Gilmore Girls isn’t exactly a show that has a proven track record of shocking its viewers, so an unknown, faceless Wookiee-man seems an unlikely choice.


That leaves us with the most likely candidate: Logan Huntzberger. Or rather, the probably-married-by-now Logan Huntzberger. Or maybe she hooked up with Jess during his brief sojourn in Stars Hollow? A girl can dream, can’t she? (#teamJess)

Another Season?

If this tweet does mean another Gilmore Girls season is on the horizon, let’s hope that Amy Sherman-Palladino has gotten the fan service out of her system and can concentrate on telling great stories again. Given this tweet and the way season eight ended, it’s likely if Netflix were planning another season, it would focus on Rory’s search for the Baby Daddy. Although Logan is the most likely father, we’ll still have fun watching Rory and Lorelai scouring the state for the mystery Wookiee.

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