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Is George Miller Producing ‘Justice League’?

After taking home the most Oscars of any nomineeMad Max: Fury Road has proven that George Miller has what it takes to deliver the kind of blockbuster entertainment our multiplexes desperately need. His relationship with Warner Bros. is certainly very prized, and it looks like the home of the DC Extended Universe might be bringing him on for their biggest endeavor.

A recent casting call for Justice League extras listed Miller as one of the producers. It’s true that Miller was once attached to a Justice League film titled Justice League: Mortal, but that project was scrapped by the time Warner Bros. began planning their DC Extended Universe. Has the recent success of Mad Max: Fury Road warmed the studio to the idea of working with Miller?

Justice League

If this is true, it’s most likely that Miller will be a producer in name only. He may sit in at certain meetings where his talent could be utilized best (storyboarding, visual design etc.), but I doubt he’d have a huge amount of clout when it came to the structure of the film. Still, it shows that Warner Bros is trying to put their best foot forward with their shared universe. Will they succeed? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will prove to be an important herald for the films to come.

There was a rumor that Miller was being tapped to direct Man of Steel 2, but the director squashed that almost immediately. It’s likely that his involvement with Justice League would involve him being able to get funding and distribution for his next picture. If that’s all that were to come out of this union, it’d be fine with me. The world can never have too many George Miller films.


Justice League: Part One opens in November 2017.

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