‘Iron Fist’ Trailer: The Final Defender Arrives

Drew Dietsch
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Iron Fist is the last Netflix/Marvel show left before the big team-up series The Defenders. It’s got a lot of eyes on it for several reasons. Naturally, any Marvel property at this point has everyone chomping at the bit. However, it’s also getting some attention because of the pattern the Netflix/Marvel shows are developing. Iron Fist is certainly the least grounded of this crew, so will we see more of a fantasy element come into play?

Well, we’ve got our first full trailer for Iron Fist and…

Look, maybe I’m just feeling some fatigue from these Netflix shows, but that “Marvel sameyness” is starting to show itself in a new way with these Netflix series. They all look incredibly similar in regards to how they’re photographed and the action choreography hasn’t really topped that first hallway fight in season one of Daredevil. And considering Iron Fist is the martial arts master when it comes to this, there isn’t a whole lot in this trailer that makes the kung fu look exceptional.

The actual glowing Iron Fist bits do promise something cool — that final shot is awesome, although I worry that such moments will be few and very far between — but the Netflix approach of gritty and down-to-earth seems to be doing this hero a little disservice. And Finn Jones? I’ll just say I’m going to wait for the actual show to make a full judgment on his performance. He might just be the victim of bad editing. We’ll see.

The Defenders is going to be an interesting experiment, much like The Avengers was in its time. But Iron Fist has the unfortunate position of feeling like it’s simply filling in a necessary slot. That’s a bummer because Iron Fist is an awesome character — the Ed Brubraker run in the comics is essential reading — and it’ll be a shame if his first season turns out to be a tad ho-hum.

But, we won’t know until the show hits on March 17. And despite my reservations, there’s no way I’m not going to check out an Iron Fist show. But come on, you know that Daredevil fight is still the best.

Drew Dietsch
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