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‘Iron Fist’ Makes His Marvel/Netflix Debut in This Comic-Con Trailer

Iron Fist didn’t seem like the easiest Marvel superhero to base a TV series on. Danny Rand’s tale of a rich boy being lost in Tibet, getting saved by mystical monks, trained in supernatural martial arts, then returning to New York City to clean up the streets with kung fu might sound a little hokey in the modern day. But that origin looks to be exactly the route Marvel and Netflix are going based on the Iron Fist teaser that debuted to a packed house at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

That teaser seemed to hit all the major points you expect to see in an Iron Fist origin story, though it looks like Mr. Rand's return to America leads to a stint in some kind of hospital. Actor Finn Jones definitely looks to be ready to play up the desperation of Danny's situation, just as he's ready to explode walls with his trademark Iron Fist punch. Given how good Daredevil already handles martial arts, it's a real vote of confidence that Iron Fist's kung fu will be worth the price of admission.

Iron Fist Face Comic Con SDCC2016 teaser

Iron Fist is famous for teaming up with Luke Cage, and I mean beyond the team up we already know is going to happen in The Defenders. There needs to be at least one Heroes For Hire episode of Iron Fist that features Rand and Cage working together. Iron Fist is simply listed as coming soon, so who knows if we'll see it before the end of 2016, or if it'll be an early 2017 chaser before the big Defenders main event in the same year.

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Henry Gilbert
Henry Gilbert

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