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Interview: Getting Creative with ‘Skylanders Imaginators’

Disney has tossed in the towel with their announcement they will no longer be creating the Disney Infinity series of toys-to-life games. However, the genre isn’t dead. Activision unveiled their latest iteration of Skylanders, this time focused on the endless imagination of its fan base.

I recently had a chance to interview the team behind the game, and their commitment to the creative side of Skylanders is clear. The customization options are plentiful and diverse, giving young game designers/fashionistas ample opportunity to make up all kinds of quirky heroes.

The franchise has always leaned heavily on the personality of its star characters, tying their abilities to their general aesthetic and elemental theme. Yes, you can make some weird monstrosities in Imaginators, but I suspect most fans will enjoy designing their own team of super heroes with a consistent look, feel, and move set.

It’s telling that the creation crystal that represents each player-made imaginator glows and beats like a heart. Skylanders has always pulsed with energy, and now fans can breath life into the game themselves.

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Jorge Albor
Jorge Albor

Jorge Albor is a staff editor at Fandom. He's been involved with games in one way or another since 2008. You can find him writing on PopMatters, hosting the EXP Podcast, and covering all kinds of games right here on Fandom. He has a special love for esports, board games, and movies.

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