#MyFandom: An Interview with the ‘Fallout’ Community

#MyFandom is a biweekly Twitter Q&A highlighting Wikia communities and pop culture influencers who love to geek out hard over their favorite fandoms. The latest program showcased our friends at Nukapedia, the Fallout community.

Fallout is one of the most popular game franchises today. The post-apocalyptic RPG powerhouse is gaining legions more gamers to its fandom every day. That’s why we wanted to talk to Nukapedia, a Fallout fan community, about the popularity and intrigue of this massive series. With over 3.2 million monthly global visitors and more than 35 million global views in the same time frame, Nukapedia has strongly embedded itself as a valuable source for everything Fallout.

@getfandom: What is Fallout and what’s it about?
@Nukapedia: The short answer is a “post-apocalyptic RPG”, but it’s more than that. It’s also a snapshot into 1950s Americana — Amazing technology, all blown up by a nuclear foe.

@getfandom: Which game location is your favorite and why?
@Nukapedia: I like to see new civilisation rise. Seeing new governments rise in California in Fallout 2 (NCR and Vault City) is my favourite location.

@getfandom: In your mind, what elements of Fallout make it stand out from other open world video games?

@getfandom: If you could choose only one weapon type to use (Melee, Guns, or Energy Weapons) which one would it be?
@Nukapedia: I like to either turn my enemies into goop with a plasma rifle, or perform “Laser Surgery,” so Energy Weapons.


@getfandom: Do you have a typical character build/personality when you play a Fallout game for the first time?
@Nukapedia: I typically start with a good, somewhat naive PC as I find that the natural bias of developers is to favour “good” PCs. In the second playthrough I’ll typically explore the more evil and selfish approaches.

@getfandom: Do you have a favorite DLC/Add-On of any of the series? If so, which one?
@Nukapedia: Old World Blues for New Vegas. Very interesting as the content was taken from locations/ideas cut from Fallout 2.

@getfandom: Do you have a favorite questline or faction?

@getfandom: If you could make any improvements to the weapon/armor crafting system, what would they be?
@Nukapedia: A mix of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Have parts you can strip/install anywhere but wear out and are hard to make; this leads you to harvest guns.

@getfandom: Do you have a favorite easter egg or secret hidden in the Fallout series?

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