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‘Injustice 2’ Roster: All The DC Comics Fighters (Release Date Confirmed!)

Injustice: Gods Among Us was a surprise hit among DC Comics fans and the fighting game community alike, with the creators of Mortal Kombat building a dark alternate universe where the Justice League has fallen apart, containing a roster full of heroes like Superman and Batman battling to the death. 2017 will see a return to Netherrealm’s DC franchise with Injustice 2 coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can see most of the Injustice 2 roster at play in the first trailer.

And now we know when we'll get to play it. The Injustice 2 release date is set for May 16 of this year. Here's Ed Boon's tweet confirming it.

Now that we have official confirmation, let's take a closer look at the Injustice 2 roster and its story. This new entry not only picks up the story where it left off with the alternate universe Batman trying to rebuild society after taking down the twisted reign of their version of Superman. The new story also opens possibilities for new characters to join the roster, as well as updates to returning heroes. So let's dig into the Injustice 2 roster and see all the best new DC legends, as well as the fresh faces.

Harley Quinn and Deadshot Revealed at Gamescom 2016

Did you see the recently released film Suicide Squad? Did you come to love the leads played by Margot Robbie and Will Smith? Then you'll be happy to know that both Harley Quinn and Deadshot have now been confirmed for the Injustice 2 roster.

Harley was in the first entry, and she appears to be no less brutal as a combatant in the sequel. Plus the game's customizable gear means you can mix and match Quinn's many different looks from across animation, comics, and live action. Meanwhile, Deadshot is entirely new to the world of Injustice 2. Just like in the film and on the comic page, this fighter uses guns in admirably inventive ways, and it definitely looks like he rarely misses, even blasting Batman in the face (good thing Bruce is bulletproof in this series).

Wonder Woman Details and New Character Blue Beetle Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Just in time to coincide with Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary celebration that kicked off at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the above trailer shows how Wonder Woman will appear in Injustice 2. She is bringing ranged lasso attacks, sword combos, and 75 years of experience to the fight.

One of her opponents in the trailer is a holdover from a simpler age. The version of Blue Beetle in Injustice 2 is the newer version, Jaime Reyes, who took on the mantle of Blue Beetle thanks to an alien/magic scarab that attached itself to his back. That special tech allows his body armor to shift and transform into different weapons as needed, making Blue Beetle a very versatile member of the team.

The New Characters

Red Lantern Atrocitus

Injustice 2 Roster Atrocitus Red Lantern

Atrocitus runs on hate and is fueled by rage, all directed at the Green Lanterns and anyone who gets in the way of his infinite anger. Atrocitus leads the Red Lantern Corps, part of the rainbow of power-ring users throughout the galaxy in the DC Universe, and he's usually accompanied by Red Lantern Dex-Starr, the deadliest cat alive. Both Atrocitus and Dex-Starr are a part of Injustice 2, and yes, Atrocitus does have an attack where he vomits blood on people.

Gorilla Grodd

Injustice 2 Roster

Don't laugh at this talking ape, because the Simian mastermind would ravage your brain and eat your heart as soon as look at you. Gorilla Grodd has been a big hit since debuting on The Flash TV series, as well as for his feral battles with the Justice League in the comics, making Grodd a perfect fit for Injustice 2.


Injustice 2 Roster

Kara Zor-El has been fighting for truth and justice in the DC Universe since the 1950s, and she's reaching new levels of stardom thanks to the debut of her own Supergirl TV series. Kara Danvers is on everyone's mind these days so it's way past due for her to beat the Justice League senseless. Also, knowing her history as a Red Lantern, who knows if she'll be on Atrocitus' side in the story.

Returning Legends


Injustice 2 Roster

Stop laughing at the King of the Seas, because Aquaman has become one of the toughest members of the Justice League. If you saw him in the first Injustice, you know Arthur Curry is adept at beating people down with his trident or calling on a great white shark to devour his enemies. And it looks like he's even more brutal in Injustice 2.


Injustice 2 Roster

These days it feels like Bruce Wayne appears in more video games than Pikachu, and that continues with Batman returning to Injustice 2. And based on the early footage, he'll have even more weapons and armor ready to challenge Superman and any other Justice League member out to cause trouble. But will The Dark Knight be alone or could some of his former sidekicks also be joining in on the fun too?

The Flash

Injustice 2 Roster

Barry Allen rocketed back from the dead some years ago and has gone from forgotten speedster to the star of his own TV series and a member of the Justice League film. So it's obvious that The Flash is also returning for Injustice 2, ready to punch Batman at the speed of light -- or he'll at least try. And based on the first footage, Flash is looking more armored than ever. Hope it doesn't slow him down.


Injustice 2 Roster

The whole Injustice story begins with Superman breaking bad and killing The Joker and then conquering every country on Earth, so you better believe that Kal-El will be smashing folks once more on Injustice 2's roster. And it looks like he's even more savage, which is pretty wild since the first game featured Clark launching people into outer space and then punching them back down to the ground.

Wonder Woman

Injustice 2 Roster
Wonder Woman in the original Injustice

Diana Prince's return to Injustice was never in doubt, but it got confirmed in a big way at E3. Not only is Wonder Woman on Injustice 2's roster, but the game will also include multiple DLC items and character skins to celebrate her 75th anniversary, as well as the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

More Coming Soon

Injustice 2 Roster

Those are all characters currently confirmed for the roster of Injustice 2, but more will certainly be announced in the weeks and months ahead of the game's 2017 release. Be sure to check back for more updates!

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