Medusa Gets Her Head Shaved in the Newest ‘Inhumans’ Trailer

Drew Dietsch
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Inhumans is premiering this weekend and Marvel just dropped another trailer. There’s a lot more going on in this sneak peek other than just Lockjaw — though we still love the doofy teleporting dog — and the big moment is seeing Medusa sans hair.

Give it a watch.

Eat Your Heart Out, Demi Moore

I immediately had a G.I. Jane flashback when I saw actress Serinda Swan rocking that close-cropped look. Or maybe she’s trying to emulate Ellen Ripley in Alien³. My editor swears she looks like Dr. Kimberly Shaw from Melrose Place. All Medusa is missing is a gnarly scar.

inhumans medusa melrose place kimberly
It's uncanny!

Considering that Medusa’s hair has been a contentious point for fans, maybe going the Sinead O’Connor route is the right decision. It does take away the character’s most powerful asset. We’ll have to see how this shakes out.

Obviously, there is more going on in the trailer other than Medusa’s do. We get to see some more Inhumans and a glimpse at Black Bolt‘s powerful vocal chords. And like we said, Lockjaw is still the saving grace of every piece of marketing material. But, there still hasn’t been anything in the trailers that has wowed me into a frenzied need to see this show. And with all the hype around the premiere being shot on IMAX, there hasn’t been a lot of big visual moments that make this seem like an appropriate choice for the show.

Maybe there are a lot of great character moments, strong conflict, and compelling storylines that just aren’t coming through in the marketing. I don’t want to kneecap a show right out of the gate, so here’s hoping that there is more to Inhumans than what we’ve been led to believe.

We’ll know soon as the pilot for Inhumans premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1. The series will then hit ABC on September 29.

Drew Dietsch
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