Indie Adventure Game ‘Rime’ Lives Again

Eric Fuchs

Remember Rime? It hasn’t been seen in awhile, but the game that could have been now is, with the first Rime trailer in forever.

Once upon a time Sony showcased a PlayStation 4-exclusive indie game called Rime at Gamescom 2013. Despite a charming art style and a bright spirit of adventure, Rime disappeared beneath the waves of Development Hell. Years passed without much in the way of news. The adventure game disappeared off most people’s radars. Then last March Sony dropped Rime altogether. Its developer, Tequila Works found itself alone with the project. Ugly rumors circulated that the first trailers were just fronts, that the game would never be completed. Tequila Works seemed to be lost and unable to finish the game. A smart gamer would have simply written Rime off at that point.

But suddenly, as 2017 begins, Tequila Works has brought Rime back out of hiding. The bronzed little boy lost on his island will finally get his chance to be played. The game is now being published by Grey Box and Six Foot. Rime isn’t just coming to the PlayStation 4 now. It is also seeing releases on the Xbox One, the PC, and will be one of the first games out for the Nintendo Switch. Rime even has a release date – and one not far off. IGN got the scoop today with Rime‘s first trailer in what feels like forever. They’re promising much more news to come throughout this month. Take a look at the newest Rime trailer below.

Wind Waker Meets Team Ico

Despite weathering more than a few storms, Rime has not changed at all. It looks as pretty as it did back in 2013. Take a look at the first trailer for a comparison.

In Rime you play as a young boy lost alone in the sea. You solve puzzles in the bleached white ruins to uncover your path forward. A figure in a red cloak (that must be suffering under that sun) leads you forward to your next objective. Previous trailers hinted at the scope of the world, including a two-legged robot whom you can ride on. Presumably, we can expect a soulful, quiet game in the vein of Team Ico, just set on a location straight out of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Rime is definitely selling itself hard on following in the footsteps of other great artsy games. 2017 is going to need it’s answer to spiritual journeys like The Witness and Abzu. Rime might be that answer.

Rime‘s resurrection is certainly a great way to start 2017 in terms of gaming news. Can it have a fairy tale ending and live up to its promise? You can find out when Rime is released for all four platforms in May 2017.

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