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The Walking Dead is Image Comics‘ most prominent title due to the success of AMC’s TV adaptation. A casual fan may not be as familiar with other titles published by Image, but recently, more of the publisher’s books have had their rights purchased for adaption into other media.



In the fall of 2013, Cinemax purchased the rights to Robert Kirkman’s brand new comic series Outcast. In June the following year, Cinemax ordered a pilot just one month prior to the comic’s first issue being released.

Outcast tells the story of Kyle Barnes, a man who’s suffered from demonic possession all his life. After his wife and mother were possessed, Kyle began shutting everyone in his life out, fearing they would one day be possessed if they got too close. After the local preacher asked for assistance on an exorcism, Kyle began a mission to help others who are possessed while at  the same time searching for answers on why demons have been targeting him.

With Cinemax being a premium channel, Outcast will have a lot more freedom with its content. According to executive producer Dave Alpert, they had to “work pretty hard to convince most people that zombies are real because most people don’t believe in them – I’m one of the few people who do — but the majority of people believe in demonic possessions, or at least the majority of Americans do.”

In contrast to The Walking Dead, Outcast will stay faithful to the source material, while expanding on both minor and major characters. Despite Outcast only having released 14 issues, Kirkman has assured the comics will stay ahead of the show.

For a teaser and clip from Outcast, check out the following two videos.

Outcast is set to premiere some time in 2016 on Cinemax.



Like Outcast, Huck had its rights purchased prior to its first issue being released.

Huck tells the story of a man with special gifts who performs a good deed a day. Though his neighbors keep his identity and abilities a secret, a couple couldn’t help themselves and reveal his whereabouts to the media. Huck’s life then takes a turn as he’s chased by the media and government.

Huck is written by Mark Millar, author of comics such as The Secret Service and Kick-Ass, both of which found success in film adaptions.



In March 2015, it was announced that Greg Rucka’s Lazarus had begun development of a TV adaptation.

Lazarus is set in a dystopian future where a handful of rich families rule. Each of those families has a Lazarus, a genetically engineered protector. The story follows Forever Carlyle, the Lazarus of her family. Forever defends her family’s holdings through deception and force.

With dystopian future stories a hot topic as of late, Lazarus will likely benefit from the genre that teens and young adults can’t seem to get enough of.



Descender is yet another series that had its rights purchased prior to the comic being published. In early 2015, Sony Pictures purchased the rights to adapt Jeff Lemire’s book.

Descender follows Tim-21, a Class-A robot who struggles to stay alive in a universe where androids are outlawed and hunted. Tim-21 holds the key to the origins of machines that have annihilated worlds, making him the target of the galaxies biggest pursuit. Tim-21 and unlikely companions run from one planet to the next while encountering foes along the way.

Fans who enjoyed playing the Mass Effect games will enjoy the story created by Lemire. While also sharing other classic sci-fi elements, Descender has a fresh story to tell.

There are other titles by Image Comics that have been optioned for TV such as The Wicked + The Divine and Southern Bastards. Image Comics may not be as popular for a casual fan but with adaptations on the way, it could quickly gain more popularity.

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