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Ice Cube and Charlie Day Will Have a ‘Fist Fight’

Yesterday, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Fist Fight, their upcoming February comedy starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day, and Tracy Morgan. If you want to see Christina Hendricks wield a butterfly knife, take a look below.

February doesn't exactly have the best reputation for being a great month at the movies as it's earned a reputation as a dumping ground for misfits. But if Fist Fight is the worst of what next February has to offer, then maybe things are looking up. From the looks of this trailer, Fist Fight looks fun. It also nestles snugly in the current Hollywood high-concept comedy model:

1. Come up with a simple, easily explainable premise.
2. Let the title of the film explain most of that premise.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Horrible Bosses. Bad Moms. Bridesmaids. Dirty Grandpa. Neighbors. Spy. Office Christmas Party. And now, Fist Fight. But just because it's a trend doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. People tend to see movies where the concept and premise seem apparent and are accurately represented in the marketing. It gives moviegoers a solid sense of what to expect. The comedies that meet those expectations and make people laugh tend to make money. And I hope Fist Fight does that because the trailer is pretty funny! Plus, with Kumail Nanjiani in the film, we're guaranteed at least one performance that is going to be hilarious.


Fist Fight is the first produced feature from screenwriters Van Robichaux and Evan Susser. Director Richie Keen is a veteran director of TV comedy with 11 episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia under his belt. Charlie Day always plays a good punching bag, and Ice Cube owes a decent chunk of his career to looking and sounding intimidating. But he's got a sharp sense of comedic timing, too. Just look at that reaction shot when Christina Hendricks pulls that knife on him.

See that shot and hundreds more when Fist Fight comes to U.S. theaters on February 17.

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Travis Newton

Travis Newton is a Fan Contributor at Fandom. He’s written about movies and TV for since 2012, and co-hosts an entertainment podcast with fellow Fan Contributor Drew Dietsch. He’s partial to horror movies, action games, and Irish Breakfast tea.

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