EXCLUSIVE: Haim Saban on The Origins of The Power Rangers

Chris Tilly

With the Power Rangers movie out now on Blu-ray and DVD, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the producers behind the ‘Mighty Morphin‘ phenomenon.

In the above video, Haim Saban – the man responsible for bringing the Power Rangers from Japan to the U.S. – describes how he first found the superheroes.

“The origin is really in Japan,” he explains. “Back in 1984 they only had three channels. I was laying in bed watching TV and there wasn’t anything to watch except for this show that had five kids in Spandex kicking rubber monsters’ butts.”

He continues: “I bought the rights for the show worldwide outside of Asia, and I thought: ‘Well, they have masks on them – you can’t tell if they are Asian or Caucasian – so we decided to do what I think was one of the first multi-ethnic shows for superheroes. Superhero girls. And it just hit a chord.”

Check out the above video, in which producer Marty Bowen and director Dean Israelite discuss their own respective histories with the show. And check out the new iteration of Power Rangers on Blu-ray and DVD now.

Chris Tilly
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