How Logitech’s Prodigy Series Is Changing the Game

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Your keyboard, mouse, and headset are the physical interface with all your virtual worlds. But are your standard items really making the most of it… or even up to the task? Logitech G’s Prodigy Series — a family of gaming grade peripherals that include the G213 keyboard, G403 mouse and G231 headset — is putting regular devices to shame. Here’s how.


Next-Gen Feedback

Sure, the odd rumble is nice — sounds fancier if you call it ‘haptic feedback’ — but visuals deliver so much more. A whole board of illuminating keys creates a huge range of possibilities, especially when individual lights can be flashed, pulsed and cycled, can create almost 19 million different colors, and are linked to in-game events.

Logitech’s G213 Prodigy keyboard has lighting presets for over 300 top franchises including Battlefield 1. These presets offer all kinds of interactivity, from illuminating only vital keys and darkening the rest, blanking off attack buttons that are mid-cooldown, or flashing context-sensitive commands as you approach an object. They can even work as shift-lights in racing games, or light up to indicate damage or low resources.

They also let you find the right keys in the dark, of course… oh, and they look lush.

Superior Sealing

All these individually-customizable keys would be wasted if light simply leaked out around them, giving you a very imprecise idea of what your game was telling you. Logitech’s sealing is substantial, so luminosity is best in class – whether you’re looking for the quick-load key or to adjust the dedicated media controls, you’ll find it. It’s also splash proof should you knock your drink over or — and we’re not saying this is you — drool too much.


Ease of Use

Both the keyboard and the illuminated G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse use the same setup software. The Logitech Gaming Software is very visual, so customizing keys and colors – then synchronizing them across devices – is easy. For complete and more complex control, there’s a developer SDK. It’s worth noting that the matching G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset works with Xbox One and PS4 consoles as well.

High-End Tech – Entry Level Pricing

The mouse guts are precise enough that many eSports pros use this device. For gamers, very fast, accurate responses remove the barriers between them and the game… but high-end prices are a barrier in themselves. The Prodigy series, however, is all about bringing the benefits to enthusiasts at an affordable price.


Gaming Ergonomics

The keyboard, mice, and headset of the Prodigy range are the right shape in the first place. They’re designed for the rigours of gaming. They’re also adjustable in vital ways, such as the keyboard and wrist rest angle, or the mass of the mouse. Without the removable metal ballast the G403 mouse weighs just 107 grams!

The Prodigy range is built to be strong yet light, to stay effective and comfy throughout the most intense sessions. Meanwhile, all major keys and buttons sit on carefully weighted metal springs for precise and tactile performance that won’t strain your hands.

For more information, visit the official Prodigy page.

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