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How Big Was ‘The Force Awakens’ on Wookieepedia This Weekend?

By now, we all know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens set box office records around the world this past weekend — $247 million in the U.S., $517 million globally. All those ticket sales mean a lot of moviegoers either returning to or discovering anew the Star Wars universe.

Wookieepedia, the largest Star Wars community online, also saw a record numbers of visitors this weekend — interested parties researching all the new names and groups that play a major role in The Force Awakens. Check out our handy infographic below that sums up the record weekend for Wookieepedia, as well as all the topics those curious fans were searching for.

Click the image below to see the infographic full size:


Annette Cardwell
Annette Cardwell

Annette Cardwell is a Fan Contributor at Fandom. She's an old school Nintendo nerd, an FPS junkie, and a huge fan of young-adult and fantasy books and their screen adaptations. She loves dragons, great fight scenes, and love stories – not entirely in that order.

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