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As the gift giving season approaches, we want to help make shopping easy for you. If you have a TV lover in your life, someone who never misses an episode of Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty, this is the gift guide for you.

Below you’ll find a sampling of gifts that are perfect for the avid TV watcher. They are sorted by price, from lowest to highest. Some of the prices may change, depending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Rick and Morty Enamel Pin ($13.99)

Enamel pins are all the rage these days. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to wear pins on their jean jackets or bags, why not get them this Rick and Morty pin? We’re not saying it’s actually a portal to another dimension, but we’re not saying that it’s not…

Available for $13.99 on Amazon.

Twin Peaks Final Dossier Book ($15.29)

Twin Peaks returned this summer for a long awaited third season. While the show offered a few answers about the fate of certain characters, it created way more questions than it answered. In this new book, by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, the 25 years between series is filled in in much greater detail. Want to know what happened to Donna? Want to know who Audrey was really married to? This book will bring peace of mind to any Twin Peaks fan who was left wanting more after the shocking ending of Season 3.

Available for $15.29 at Barnes and Noble.

The Walking Dead Lucille Mug ($16.90)

Lucille, Lucille, Lucille. What a bat. She has claimed many lives by the man who wields her, Negan. We’re still mourning the death of some of her victims. If you have any Walking Dead fans in your life, send them this mug. It’s not as menacing as the real Lucille, and that’s a good thing.

Available for $16.90 at Box Lunch.

Riverdale Jughead Beanie ($16.90)

When can be said about Jughead? He’s endearing, he’s honest, oh yeah, he’s a weirdo (j/k that’s a line from the show). If you have friends that fit this description and they also happen to love Riverdale, get them this TV show replica beanie. It has Jughead’s classic crown shape design and the silver and red buttons, just like Cole Sprouse wears on Riverdale.

Available for $16.90 at HotTopic.

Game of Thrones Pocket Pop Set ($19.94)

When buying Funko Pop!s for friends, it’s hard deciding which character to buy, especially on a show with as many characters as Game of Thrones. With this handy Pop! three pack, you can give your friend or family member three Pop!s for the price of one! Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion, the shows best protagonists (most of the time) are available in this cute, mini-Pop! Set. You could also give the Pop!s to three friends, up to you!

Available for $19.94 on Amazon.

Total Rickall Card Game ($21.90)

Here’s another great gift for Rick and Morty fans! The Total Rickall Card game! From the Box Lunch description: “These telepathic monsters propagate by embedding themselves in cherished memories, making it nearly impossible to distinguish them from real-life friends and family! It’s up to you to take up arms and destroy them before they escape the house and overtake the world! But here’s the kicker, broh: first you’ve got to figure out which of the zany, wacky characters are real and which are parasites. Can you save the Earth without sacrificing too many real characters?”

Available for $21.90 at Box Lunch.

Outlander Pint Glass Set ($24.90)

If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who watches Outlander, get them this glass set. It’s beautifully crafted with a silver overlay. One glass bears the crown and thistle crest from the show. The other glass bears the Fraser Clan crest, with the family motto “Je suis prest,” which means “I am ready.” Get your favorite Outlander fan ready with the glass set and maybe a nice bottle of Scotch.

Available for $24.90 at BoxLunch.

Stranger Things S1 “VHS” Blu-ray ($24.99)

Journey into the upside down and back to 1983 with this VHS set of Stranger Things Season 1. The set, which is meant to look like a classic VHS tape from years past, actually holds two versions of the show, one blu-ray and one DVD. This set would look perfect on the shelf of anyone who loves Stranger Things.

Available for $24.99 at Target.

Star Trek Discovery DISCO Shirt ($26.95)

This year CBS brought Star Trek back in a huge way, with the new series Star Trek: Discovery. First seen in Episode 6, “Lethe,” and then again in Episode 7, “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” crew members of the Disocvery were seen wearing this shirt. The name “DISCO” is a clever reference to the ship and also, perhaps, a bit of fun.

Available for $26.95 at

Doctor Who Clue ($39.00)

Solve a mysterious whodunit with the characters of Doctor Who in this adaptation of the classic mystery game Clue! Your loved ones can play as Clara, River Song or four other companions. You can travel to Trenzalore or Victorian England with the sonic screwdriver or the vortex manipulator. Gift this wonderful game to any friends or family members who have an appreciation for the TARDIS and all things Doctor Who.

Available for $39.00 at HotTopic.

Westworld Hoodie ($49.00)

Westworld was one of the best new shows of 2017. It offered a look at a world in our possible not so distant future. The past blurred with the present and fans everywhere had theories about the Man in Black. When gifting this hoodie, imagine you picked it up at the Delos gift shop. Be sure to write, “With love, from Westworld,” to delight any fan.

Available for $49.00 at

X-Files Complete Blu-ray Set ($155.00)

The truth is still out there — in fact, the truth is contained entirely in this box set. That’s right, you can bless the X-Files lover in your life with this 57 disc collectors set. These 57 discs cover all nine seasons of The X-Files, the limited event Season 10, as well as numerous commentaries, deleted scenes and extras. This gift is perfect for an X-Files newbie as well, especially since the show is returning for an Eleventh Season this spring.

Available for $155.00 at Amazon.

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