Hitman’s Most Memorable Assassinations

Doug Trein

The Hitman franchise has been serving up cold contract killing for over a decade now. The murderous creativity of protagonist Agent 47 knows no bounds. Whether settling on a long distance kill with his sniper rifle, poisoning food or drink, or choking out victims with his trademark piano wire, Agent 47 always finds a way to get the job done.

With the first episode of the next installment of the franchise, entitled simply Hitman, launching today, let’s take a look back at some of Agent 47’s more memorable assassinations.

Clive Skurky (Hitman: Absolution)

Clive Skurky was an immensely corrupt sheriff and a target in Hitman: Absolution. He used a room in the local prison as his personal sex dungeon with dominatrix Mrs. Cooper, arrested people passing through town for the most minor offenses, and forced prisoners to fight each other in pit fights at the precinct.

The pursuit of Skurky spans across two missions. After the Agency invades the town, he is shot in the leg, with Agent 47 hot on his trail. After taking refuge in a crowded church, Skurky takes a priest hostage before getting blown away by Agent 47.

Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra (Hitman: Blood Money)

Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra, a target in Hitman: Blood Money, was a Cuban crime lord who smuggled large amounts of cocaine into the United States. Vinnie was caught by the FBI, but went into witness protection after snitching on two of his partners. He was given the new identity of James and relocated to California. His two partners wanted some payback, however, and contracted Agent 47 to kill him while he was planning his son’s birthday party.

It’s difficult to confront Sinistra directly, as he will run into a safe house and arm himself with some powerful weapons. So what’s the cleanest way to get a paranoid ex-criminal to lower his guard? Don’t let him know you’re there. Agent 47 can utilize a sniper rifle and pick him off at long range.

Alvaro D’Alvade And Richard Delahunt (Hitman: Blood Money)

These two are the targets are the most memorable assassinations of Hitman: Blood Money. Alvaro D’Alvade was a world-renowned opera singer. Richard Delahunt was the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. Despite their seemingly normal jobs, the duo ran a prostitution ring. The ring included trafficking children. It’s strongly implied that the two are lovers, as they are rarely seen apart. Agent 47 is paid to kill D’Alvade and Delahunt at the Paris Opera House, while the two are rehearsing for a play called Tosca.

The best assassination approach for these two targets is the one that matches their theatrics. During a rehearsal of the play, Agent 47 can swap a replica WW1 pistol with a real one. While acting out the scene, D’Alvade’s co-star will kill him in cold blood. Agent 47 can then deliver the coup de grâce on Delahunt by dropping a chandelier on him while he frantically runs towards to the stage to his lover’s body. Surely that deserves a standing ovation.

Chad Bingham, Jr. (Hitman: Blood Money)

Chad Bingham, Jr. was the youngest son of Senator Chad Bingham, Sr., rumored to be a candidate for President of the United States. After graduating high school, the younger Bingham garnered bad press for frequenting sleazy bars and strip clubs, in addition to physically abusing strippers and prostitutes. His antics only continued later in life. After killing a stripper during a BDSM sex game, a videotape surfaced of the incident, threatening his father’s political career. Someone from the elder Bingham’s campaign (or perhaps his father himself) set Agent 47 out to destroy the videotape and kill Chad Bingham, Jr.

The sleazy playboy can be found in a remote mountain lodge, along with Lorne de Havilland. Agent 47 can tail him as he decides to take a dip in a cliffside hot tub with some women. As long as the player doesn’t mind a little incidental bloodshed, a well-placed shot to the glass-lined bottom of the tub will cause all of them to tumble to their rocky deaths below.

Winston Beldingford (Hitman: Contracts)

Lord Winston Beldingford was a wealthy British nobleman who secretly partook in human hunting at his manor with his son, Alistair Beldingford, and a select group of friends. He was also lustful of the maids in his mansion, and even built a secret passage and a two-way mirror near his bedroom that allowed him to spy on them showering. Agent 47 encounters him in Hitman: Contracts.

To take down Beldingford, Agent 47 partakes in some human hunting of his own. Perhaps the most effective way of killing this deranged man is to quietly sneak into his room while he sleeps. After scoring with one of his maids, you can easily sneak into his bedroom. Do you prefer to poison his nighttime glass of milk, or smother him to death with one of his fancy pillows? Either way, it’s not-so-sweet dreams for Beldingford.

Campbell Sturrock (Hitman: Contracts)

This Scottish crime boss was nicknamed “The Meat King.” It’s impossible to forget this target after encountering him, as his morbid obesity had him confined to a wheelchair or his bed.

Sturrock is found in living quarters on the second floor of his Romanian estate, where he lays in bed with two leather-clad prostitutes and is brought entire roasted chickens multiple times per day. Despite his lethargy, getting in close for the kill requires a bit of finesse. He stations armed guards throughout his home who will pat you down before you get anywhere near him.

But Agent 47 can find a chef’s outfit as a disguise. While in the kitchen preparing Sturrock’s precious turkey, a meat cleaver can be hidden inside of the bird. The guards won’t check his food. Once he dismisses his girls to eat, Agent 47 can hack this target up to size with ease.

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