The Newly-Announced ‘Hey! Pikmin,’ ‘Monster Hunter Stories,’ and Trio of Kirby Games Prove the 3DS Ain’t Dead Yet

Bob Mackey

The 3DS recently passed its sixth birthday, meaning it might not be long for this world. Even so, Nintendo surprised us today with a boatload of newly-announced 3DS games on today’s Nintendo Direct. If you’d like to check out every game coming to the 3DS in the future, be sure to check out Nintendo’s complete video—but for now, here are the most notable releases you’ll be able to play soon.

Hey! Pikmin

First up is Hey! Pikmin, which boils down Nintendo’s long-running RTS series into a more digestible side-scrolling format. But fans of the series shouldn’t be wary, since this spin-off focuses on the same sorts of puzzles, albeit from a different perspective. In any case, if you love wrangling Nintendo’s little carrot-creatures and making thoughtful decisions about which one to throw at obstacles or enemies, you’ll love Hey! Pikmin when it launches on July 28—alongside a brand-new Pikmin Amiibo.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter XX—the upgraded version of Monster Hunter Generations—may remain forever in Japan, but as a consolation prize, America is getting Monster Hunter Stories. It’s a bit different than the main series, though, as it plays out more like a Pokemon-style experience. Instead of slaying an army of massive beasts, you befriend and ride them. And if you’re already a Monster Hunter fan, you’ll be sure to find your favorite in a much cuter form somewhere within Stories. Check it out when it launches this fall.

Three Kirby Games

Kirby turns a whopping 25 years old this year, and thankfully he’s getting more than just a compilation to celebrate. Nintendo will be launching three different 3DS games to celebrate their pink puffball’s quarter-century on this planet, with each one taking an entirely different approach. The first one, Kirby Clash Deluxe, is a multiplayer-focused game that pits four players in combat against classic Kirby bosses. (And, in a huge surprise, it’s out today on the 3DS eShop.)

Kirby Blowout Blast looks to be a puzzle-focused adventure that drops a solo Kirby into a world that tasks him with eliminating enemies efficiently with the classic sucking and spitting mechanic of old Kirby games. We’re sure to learn more about it before it launches this summer. Nintendo also announced a to-be-named third Kirby project that they claim will be focused on multiplayer action, but no more information has been released yet.

Well, there you have it. If 2017 stands as the 3DS’ last year, it’s going to be a great one. Be sure to check back with Fandom as we get our hands on each piece of 3DS goodness Nintendo sends our way.

Bob Mackey
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