Here’s the List of Who’s Returning to ‘Twin Peaks’

Andrew Hawkins
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That gum you like is coming back in style. David Lynch has been getting fans of Twin Peaks very excited and today we now know who will be returning roughly 25 years after the end of the series. It’s been a long time since Laura Palmer told Coop, “I’ll see you again”, and we now have the list of everyone else coming back for the third season starting in 2017 on Showtime.


This is fantastic news. There are a lot of familiar faces returning that will no doubt make fans happy and continue the story David Lynch and Mark Frost brought us in 1990. Laura Palmer, Special Agent Dale Cooper, Bobby and Shelly, Audrey, Big Ed and Nadine, Norma Jennings, Sarah Palmer, Dr. Jacoby, Deputy Andy, Lucy, Hawk, Philip Gerard, Albert Rosenfeld, James Hurley and more. David Lynch will also be reprising his role as Gordon Cole, and it will be great to see David Duchovney return as Agent Denise Bryson. Also, Harry Dean Stanton will be there to offer us up a fine cup of “Good Morning America.”

The continuation of Dale Cooper’s journey is going to be filled with many familiar and new faces. Who knows what will happen now that Coop is possessed, and the return of Carel Struycken as The Giant means that we will continue to uncover the secrets of both the White and the Black Lodge. As for Sheryl Lee coming back to as Laura Palmer, we will likely get more insight as to why souls get trapped in the Red Room and how time affects everyone there. Regardless, it will be good to see her and Kyle MacLachlan on screen together again. It’s been a long time.


It’s also crazy to see how many people are on these lists that you would have never expected to see in the Twin Peaks universe. Tim Roth, Monica Bellucci, Meg Foster, Michael Cera, Ernie Hudson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore, Jim Belushi, David Koechner, Matthew Lillard, Jeremy Davies, Sara Paxton, Ashley Judd, Balthazar Getty, Amanda Seyfried and Trent Reznor too! Having the Nine Inch Nails frontman on board is an incredibly interesting choice considering his work with the late, great David Bowie who played Agent Phillip Jeffries in Fire Walk With Me. More than anything else, this new cast is huge and loaded with very interesting talent.

Not on the list of those returning are Sheriff Harry Truman, Catherine, Leo Johnson, John Justice Wheeler, Hank Jennings, Donna, Donna’s mom, Josie Packard, Annie, and thankfully no Dick Tremayne. This news makes things complicated for some of the storylines that were left unfinished at the end of the second season, but most likely Lynch and company will find a way to settle the unfinished business.

Also, from this list we can deduce that Audrey survived the blast in the bank, and that Benjamin Horne only got knocked out when Doc Hayward left him bloodied on the floor in front of Donna. It’s strange that Lara Flynn Boyle won’t be returning, but even without her there are plenty of cast members here to push along the stories that never really dealt with the Lodges. I love that David Patrick Kelly will be back playing Jerry Horne. There will definitely be a lot going on at the The Great Northern soon.

And yes, Leland is coming back. I just wonder if he’s taken BOB’s place.

Andrew Hawkins
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