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Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con

The third annual HER UNIVERSE Fashion Show took place Thursday, July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con. Host and founder Ashley Eckstein wore an original Ahsoka “little block dress.” It was made out of more than 10,000 LEGO bricks and designed by 2014 Audience Award winner Andrew MacLaine and brick artist Nathan Sawaya.

Ashley Eckstein
Ashley Eckstein at Her Universe Fashion Show in SDCC

27 designers competed with designs inspired by Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, Mad Max: Fury Road, Game of Thrones, Pokémon, Doctor Who, Sailor MoonLabyrinth, Supernatural, 28 Days Later, Wall-E and Red Dragon / Silence of the Lambs. The finale of the Her Universe Fashion Show docu-series was filmed last night and will be available on Comic-Con HQ next Thursday, July 28. Viewers will be able to log on and vote on for the third winner of the series.

Fun Fact: Ashley’s dress was inspired by a sketch by Dave Filoni and weighed in at 25 pounds!

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