Have Mercy: The 10 Best Moments from ‘Full House’

Sharon Kehoe
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Full House has quickly and boldly returned into the pop culture zeitgeist. With the Netflix reboot Fuller House getting released Feb. 26, it’s time to reflect on this hugs-all-around ’90s sitcom.

Most people remember Full House from the good old TGIF days, when it shared airtime on ABC with other uber popular shows like Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Step by Step every Friday night during the ’90s.

For me, Full House came rushing back into my life many years later when I graduated high school. At 18 years old, I underwent back surgery for scoliosis and was told by my doctor to lay low for about six months to fully recover. It felt like I had to take six months off my whole life, and, in 2003, there was no Netflix for easy binging. Cue post-millennial gasps.

Clearly, I needed a plan. My “Six Months of Sitting on My Ass Without Getting Bored to Death” Plan. I also needed comfort. Surgery is no walk in the park, and walking was one of the harder things to do during recovery anyway. I had a bucket list of movies I’d never seen and wanted to watch, so I finally got around to films like Mary Poppins and The Ring (not in that order). But to feel like myself and enjoy my time away from normal life, I gravitated to shows that could make me laugh and involved a lot of hugging. And hot men.


My godmother bought a few of my favorite television shows to watch on repeat, one of them being Full House. Sure, I grew up watching it and it’s insanely corny, but in my time of needing comfort, who wouldn’t go straight for John Stamos? I loved every minute of catching up with the Tanners and Co., and it successfully revived my appreciation for hugging after every argument while sappy, happy music played in the background. Cut, it, out, right?!

And so, dear readers, with my love for Full House comes my favorite moments from the show. Here are 10 of the best, complete with an overindulgence of Uncle Jesse.

1. Jesse Meets Becky

Season 2, Episode 2: “Tanner vs. Gibbler”
HAVE MERCY. The moment they met, I wanted them to be together forever. I also wanted Becky’s hair, makeup, and clothes. It’s love at first sight for Jesse, but Becky scoffs him off as a reminder of her baby brother Corky, who does an adorable Elvis impression, much to Jesse’s dismay. “We are so far from where I want to be,” he says to himself. Don’t worry, big J. It’s going to work out fine.

2. D.J. Gets Caught With Beer


Season 3, Episode 21: “Just Say No Way”
What’s a good coming of age story without a little alcohol storyline? D.J. and Kimmy organize their school’s “Spring Backwards Dance” and hire Uncle Jesse as their musical talent with the marching band as his super cool back-up ensemble. While at the dance, D.J. finds her crush, Kevin, drinking beer with some friends and takes it away from them. Jesse walks in to find her with a beer in hand and totally flips out, accusing her of drinking. DRAMA! And you thought Full House was just fluff. Of course, things get resolved and there’s plenty of hugging, so let’s move on.

3. Courage Hangy Ball

Season 2, Episode 3: “It’s Not My Job”
Full disclosure, I still reference this moment when trying to comfort someone I know who’s going to the dentist and they’re terrified. If an adult can be scared of the dentist, then an adult can also use Full House to help the matter. Stephanie got her first cavity and is terrified of going to the dentist for a filling. Uncle Joey goes with her and, while she was waiting in the dentist’s chair, scans her for her courage (this sounds weird, but stay with me). Then he tells her that that hangy ball in the back of her throat is the source of all her courage, the Courage Hangy Ball, so she couldn’t possibly be scared of the dentist. AWWWWW! So now I tell everyone that’s a legit scientific fact. Thanks, Uncle Joey!

4. Urkel Walks It Out With Uncle Jesse

Season 4, Episode 16: “Stephanie Gets Framed”
Fandoms collide! This was huge. Dreams coming true. Universes imploding. Jesse Katsopolis and Steven Q. Urkel. The king of cool meeting the king of nerds. As a visiting cousin of D.J.’s friend Julie (wtf, right?), Urkel comes over to comfort Stephanie because she had to get glasses and feels like an idiot. But it’s when he tries to teach Uncle Jesse how to walk like an Urkel that completely blows my ‘90s mind and never fails to make me laugh.

5. A Casual Performance with The Beach Boys

Season 2, Episode 6: “Beach Boy Bingo”
This is so insanely ridiculous, and that’s why it’s on my list. The Beach Boys were recurring guests three times on Full House for who knows what reason, but their first appearance is a pinnacle moment of wonderful absurdity. D.J. wins a radio contest, giving her and one guest tickets to see The Beach Boys in concert. She picks Uncle Jesse, much to her father’s dismay, then feels so bad that she gives up her tickets completely. But this is Full House, dammit. Suddenly, The Beach Boys show up at the Tanner residence and invite everyone to their concert. (Except Michelle. Bye, Michelle.) Not only do they go as a family with Danny wearing an awesome Hawaiian shirt, but they’re invited up on stage to perform “Kokomo” with the band. You win, Tanners. You win.

6. Gross Cousin Stavros

Season 7, Episode 2: “Kissing Cousins”
There’s nothing weirder than seeing John Stamos disgusting and pervy. It was a very confusing episode for me as they stood side by side, and it still is, but anyone can tell Stamos had a blast with this character. He tricks Joey while playing cards, stinks up the house with bad smelling pizza, and commits the ultimate crime by hitting on Becky. Yes, he’s terrible, but he’s also a fun acting showcase for Stamos late in the series. He’s not just a pretty face with perfect hair, ladies! However, I totally prefer him as a pretty face with perfect hair.

7. Becky Sucks At Singing


Season 8, Episode 15: “My Left and Right Foot”
Even the most beautiful of women can’t have it all. If there’s anything a Full House fan knows about the show, it’s the constant singing and hugging. During this episode, the guys enjoy singing the twins a bedtime song, just like they did with Michelle when she was a baby. Becky tries to join the trio, but she’s awful. Gorgeous, but so, so bad. Jesse can barely handle it, because he’s a professional rock star and huge in Japan. Later, Becky playfully sings the twins a bedtime song while Jesse stands by, unnoticed. He feels bad, tells her she’s wonderful, and they make out a little bit. Yes, a typical happy ending, except this moment taught me there is no such thing as a whole package. If Becky can’t sing, then it’s okay that my own singing voice sounds like a cat struggling in a garbage can.

8. Steph Drives Into the Kitchen

Season 3, Episode 20: “Honey, I Broke the House”
Stephanie had some great moments in the series, whether she was dancing to “Motown Philly” or orchestrating her own marriage so she didn’t have to be a middle child anymore. But one of my favorite Steph moments was when she accidentally rammed Joey’s car into the kitchen. This was a huge set piece, probably one of the biggest things the show pulled off. While Joey went to get some touch up paint for his car, Steph hopped in to play the radio. After turning on the car, she puts it in reverse, thinking the “R” meant “radio.” Honest mistake. That’s when she destroys the kitchen and runs away to Becky’s, believing her dad won’t ever talk to her again. Of course that’s ridiculous, this is Full House. She gets hugged and loved and doesn’t have to pay for a thing.

9. D.J. Eats in a Phone Booth

Season 3, Episode 2: “Back to School Blues”
Don’t we all know how this feels? Maybe not the phone booth part, but feeling like a loser in a new situation. D.J. is pumped to start junior high school and leave her elementary roots behind. It’s time to be around mature teenagers, she thinks. But when she gets to school, she quickly realizes she’s not the popular kid anymore, and she’s also dressed exactly like one of the teachers. SO EMBARRASSING. Worst of all, her and Kimmy don’t have the same lunch schedule, so instead of sitting at a table, D.J. rushes to a phone booth and pretends to talk on the phone. Relatable, right? Of course, she desperately tries to fit in the next day, which goes awful. But enter Becky to the rescue! Things are wrapped up with lots of hugging and happy music and new junior high school friends.

10. Jesse and Becky Get Married

Season 4, Episodes 18 and 19: “The Wedding Part 1”/“The Wedding Part 2”
The debut of “Forever.” This moment was so huge it got a two-parter episode. Before they say “I do,” Jesse flips out and jumps out of a plane. He gets stuck in a tree, because that’s what you get when you think it’s a good idea to skydive on your wedding day without proper planning. Becky panics since her hot man is nowhere to be found, then Joey shows up and tells her he dropped him off in the sky. By the way, Joey is a pilot. She tracks Jesse down and they make it down the aisle, with enough time to spare for Jesse to sing his classic original song, “Forever.” Becky even sings along a bit, which is strange considering number seven on this list. Full House logic is limitless!

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