Harry Styles Just Reminded Everyone Why Stevie Nicks Is The Queen

Harry Styles Just Reminded Everyone Why Stevie Nicks Is The Queen
Corey Denis

Harry Styles just took over the Internet for the second day in a row, solidifying our theory that he will help ‘Dunkirk’ make $1bn dollars. We already know he’s Oscar-worthy, but his strong relationship with fans is what makes his value to box office success so obvious. On May 19, 2017, Harry Styles confirmed he has as much love and respect for his fans as they do for him.

He’s been announcing last minute secret shows, and fans are loving it.

Earlier in the day on May 19, fans in Los Angeles heard about about a show at The Troubadour. (There’s no such thing as a “secret” show when you’re bigger than Ed Sheeran.)

During the show he blessed everyone with surprise badass guest, Stevie Nicks. Fans got their phones out because OMFG Stevie Nicks.

Harry showed respect for the Queen, because he is the best guy ever.

O.M.G. they sang Landslide.

Everyone remembered why Stevie Nicks is the queen.

Harry is an actual superhero, so he donated the proceeds to charity.

Harry Styles has set the Internet on fire and given everyone something to smile about two days in a row. Yesterday, he won us over with James Corden & Carpool Karaoke. Whether or not Dunkirk breaks the box office, we’re pretty sure it will be wise to buy tickets in advance.

Corey Denis
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