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Drew Dietsch
Movies DC
Movies DC

I can’t wait for Suicide Squad. David Ayer’s movie looks like it’s going to be the real kickoff to the DC Extended Universe and part of that excitement comes from Margot Robbie. She’s bringing Harley Quinn to the big screen and she looks to be having a blast doing it. She’s been a showstopper in all the trailers we’ve seen so far, and it sounds like the people over at Warner Bros are recognizing how great she is in the upcoming film.

They love her so much that there’s now progress being made on a new film that would have Harley Quinn at the forefront. But that’s not even the most exciting thing about this news. This wouldn’t be a Harley Quinn solo venture but rather another ensemble piece focusing on DC’s roster of female heroes and villains. YES! DC has a phenomenal stable of female characters that deserve to be at the forefront of their own adventures. They’ve tried to do this in the past with Birds of Prey — which is one of the titles that are floating around for this new project — but a feature film with this kind of clout behind it sounds like the right way to go.


What’s really motivating about this news is that Robbie is the one pushing for the film. She dove deep into the history of Harley Quinn to prepare for Suicide Squad, and in doing so she discovered the excellent roster of female characters that the universe has at its disposal. I think it’s great that Robbie is using her position as Harley Quinn to get this project off the ground. It’ll become doubly great when Suicide Squad comes out and Harley becomes the new hit comic book character. I’d bet money on her being the female equivalent to Deadpool in terms of fan adoration. It’ll be that big.

There’s loads of characters I’d love to see in this movie: Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon or Cassandra Cain are my picks), Zatanna, Huntress, Power Girl, Big Barda, Starfire, Raven, Livewire, and the characters from Suicide Squad (Katana and Enchantress). There’s an abundance of riches when it comes to who they choose, and I hope this movie will help to broaden the appeal of some more niche characters that the mainstream isn’t as knowledgeable about.

Harley Quinn

I will say that Poison Ivy is a must for this movie. Fellow Fan Contributor Danielle Ryan agrees saying that the film needs to showcase the delightful relationship between Harley and Ivy. They have one of the best friendships in comics — even though they first met in one of the most crowd-pleasing episodes of Batman: The Animated Series — and are fun and complex enough to anchor their own film.

Here’s hoping we hear more about this project soon. In the mean time, continue to get excited about Suicide Squad. August 5th can’t get here fast enough.

Drew Dietsch
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