As we learned at last year’s Gamesom, Halo Wars, Microsoft’s underrated RTS from the original Xbox era, is getting a sequel. Halo Wars 2developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industriesreleases on February 21, 2017 for Xbox One and PC. At this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed that a definitive edition of the game will include a remaster of the original game called Halo Wars: Ultimate Edition.

Additionally, a Halo Wars 2 beta is available for download today. The beta will run for a total of eight days, giving curious players a chance to try the game's Halo-tinged RTS combat.  Multiplayer in the public beta will support up to six players.

Fandom will have more on Halo Wars 2 after we get a chance to check it out for ourselves on the show floor. Stay tuned.

Matthew Hadick