‘Halloween’ Producer Says Reboot Will Take Inspiration From First Two Movies

Chris Tilly

Horror producer Jason Blum has been talking about his forthcoming Halloween movie, stating that the film will take inspiration from the first two movies rather than their sequels.

When asked if the film will be a remake or a reboot, Blum said “We are talking about a reboot, but mostly looking at the first and a little bit of the second movie. So we’re kind of rebooting, but rebooting from the early movies, not so much the later ones.”

And it sounds like Blum is a big fan of that original. “I feel like Halloween is the ultimate scary movie” he explained. “I feel like they sort of went off course with it a little bit. I feel like expectations are low. Everyone’s expecting something… they think we’re going to mess it up. And I love a challenge. And hopefully we’ll get it right – I’ll let audiences decide that.”

Watch the rest of the above video to find out why Blum asked David Gordon Green and Danny McBride to write the script, and also why he likes to look for talent outside the horror genre.


Chris Tilly
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