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Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the large warehouse used by the heroes during episode 2 of the four-way Arrowverse crossover? For any DC Fan, you’ll be able to instantly recognize this as the iconic Hall of Justice. With the team finally assembled, Team Arrow, Supergirl, the Legends, and the Flash needed a location to train. While the show merely passed it off as an old STAR Labs facility, there’s definitely much more in store for this lookalike to the famous Hall.

What Is the Hall of Justice?


If you haven’t heard of the Hall of Justice before, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This building was originally created back in the ’70s and ’80s for the Superfriends cartoon. After the destruction of the Justice League Watchtower in JLA Vol. 1 #119, the building was integrated into the comic to serve as a new headquarters for the Justice League of America.

With over 12 floors, the building is jam-packed with some very, very, neat features.  With everything from blast resistant concrete reinforcing and 400-436 tons of titanium plates to nuclear labs, you can find nearly anything here. My personal favorite is the trophy room, which features weapons used previously used by villains and heroes alike (all of which were dismantled and made useless by Batman).

What This Means for the Arrowverse


While we got some teases of the Hall in the background of the crossover posters, this marked our first full glimpse of the building. Although the crossover will be over soon, this will most definitely not be the last we see of the Hall. With such a large population of heroes on the CW, there’s become a need for a headquarters to house them all these heroes. We could also see it used in future crossovers as a base of operations.


However, it may have a different purpose much sooner. Over the years, Team Arrow received several different base upgrades, and a base upgrade is long overdue for Team Flash. Harrison Wells is resolute on a change for STAR Labs; a return to its openness to visitors. If he is successful in his quest, Team Flash will be homeless. What better location then the Hall of Justice? And a message to Cisco, please make a trophy room.


The Flash continues next Tuesday with “The Present” at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Continue tuning in to watch the exciting four-way Arrowverse Invasion! crossover on the CW on the following nights:

  • Arrow on Wednesday, Nov 30
  • Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, Dec 1
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