Who is Gypsy and What She Means for the Arrowverse

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There seems to be no limits to where The CW will go. With the Arrowverse now including everything from aliens to time travel, what’s next? An illusion-casting superheroine, as it turns out. During The CW’s Fan Feast Q&A, Vibe actor Carlos Valdes confirmed that Birds of Prey and Justice League character Gypsy would be making her way to the Arrowverse. Carlos said that “DC Comics fans will be familiar with Gypsy.” However, for those that aren’t familiar with this character, let’s review her story.

Who Is Gypsy?


Gypsy, also known as Cynthia “Cindy” Reynolds, is a member of the Birds of Prey and the Justice League who made her debut in Justice League of America Annual #2. She, along with Vibe, was introduced at the same time as Steel, who is another hero who has made their way to the Arrowverse.

Gypsy’s powers began to manifest themselves at the age of 14, so she ran away from home and made her way to Detroit. Growing up, Cindy used her chameleon and illusion-casting powers to protect herself. Once she reached adulthood, she changed her manner of dress and adopted her signature vagabond style of clothing then began her career as the vigilante of Cameron Street.

Shortly after the Justice League moved into their new inner city HQ, Gypsy began to venture into the HQ. Her visits caught the attention of the League and they eventually invited her to become a full-time member of the Justice League.

What Can Gypsy Do?


Don’t underestimate Gypsy. Her illusion-casting abilities allow her to camouflage herself and others and even make herself look like someone else. Not only that, but she can also hide objects, become fully invisible, and project frightening illusions into other people’s minds.

But her abilities are not all illusion related. She is also telepathic, and an expert in astral projection. She can even preconceive events before they happen.

What Gypsy Means for the Arrowverse

cisco ramon as the vibe

Vibe actor, Carlos Valdes, answered most of those questions during the Q&A. You may have noticed several similarities between Vibe and Gypsy’s powers. That is definitely going to play a role in her appearance on The Flash. Carlos told fans that “Vibe will definitely get to learn some new skills” because of Gypsy. We will have to wait to see what those powers are, but if they are anything like Cisco’s powers now, we can’t wait!

Although fans will just have to wait to see more of her role, we can speculate on just what she might be used for. Cisco is long overdue for a love interest, considering his last one flew away to the Legends. We could possibly see a relationship between the two heroes blossom but we will just have to wait and see.

The Flash season three will return on Jan. 24, 2017. Gypsy isn’t the only new character we might see when The Flash returns. Learn about Earth-19 below.

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