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When it comes to what is next for Supergirl, the CW is not holding back (unlike The Flash). Warning: Supergirl spoilers ahead. The season 2 finale left us with quite a cliffhanger, showing us yet another pod that escaped from Krypton, but the identity of its occupant was a mystery.

Fans won’t have to wait six months to uncover the mystery of this Krypton escapee’s identity. In fact, we already know who is in that pod. And Supergirl better watch out, because that pod carries a Doomsday-level threat.

That threat will be portrayed by actress Odette Annable, who executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Variety that he has “wanted to work with for years”. You may recognize her from her lead role in the TV comedy, Breaking In, or as the star of the short-run medical drama Pure Genius. However, the Supergirl villain she will play in the upcoming season is considerably less well-known. After all, Reign and the other Worldkillers are often overshadowed by the other, more famous Kryptonian project, Doomsday – the regenerative monster who was able to kill Superman.

Where Did Reign and the Other Worldkillers Come From?

Four Worldkillers vs One Kryptonian... Not quite fair?

Reign is the result of an experiment that Zor-El and a group of other Kryptonians performed. These scientists took a variety of alien species and turned them into biological weapons. These creatures were dubbed Worldkillers; blood-thirsty, uncontrollable, and super-powerful creatures who were capable of ending all life.

Deemed a failed experiment, the Kryptonian Science Council outlawed them and ordered their destruction. However, Supergirl’s father, Zor-El, didn’t quite follow these orders. When Krypton exploded, five of these vicious creatures survived – DeimaxFlower of HeavenPerrilus, Worldkiller-1, and Reign (the one Odette will play in season 3). These creatures yearned for a reason for their existence, but with Krypton gone, there were no answers to be found.

Notice there are only four

Over the years, they wandered the galaxy, eventually losing track of Worldkiller-1. However, as it seems to happen with all intergalactic threats, the four remaining Worldkillers found their way to Earth – the only planet in the universe inhabited by Kryptonian survivors.

Although we don’t have any word yet as for whether DeimaxFlower of Heaven, and Perrilus will be joining the Supergirl cast alongside Reign, rarely does she go anywhere without her trusty followers. It’s almost certain that we will be seeing more than one of these bloodthirsty creatures in season 3.

Meet Season 3’s Big Bad, Reign

Reign is the leader of the five Worldkillers. And as such, has all the powers associated with that title. These include superhuman strengthspeed, staminadurability, and flight, but she is particularly skilled in using her weapon of choice: a sword. In the comics, Reign easily takes Supergirl down during their first battle, leaving her for dead when she couldn’t provide answers on the origin of the Worldkillers.

Don’t expect Reign to come dressed in her typical garb though. Early reports suggest that the Supergirl writers may be giving her a complete makeover. Hopefully this makeover isn’t as bland as the one we saw on Astra.

What This Means for Supergirl

Reign’s inclusion in the show could weaken Kara Zor-El in multiple ways. While Supergirl has faced some pretty formidable foes in her day, the Worldkillers are on an entirely different level. In fact, they’d be best compared to Doomsday.

On a separate front, Reign’s Kryptonian background could attack Kara emotionally too. Kara has been proud of her noble heritage, but if the writers decide to explore Reign’s twisted origin, Supergirl will be exposed to an entirely new side of Krypton. She may even question her own goodness. After all, how do you handle the knowledge that your father is responsible for the creation of a killer?

You can expect to see Supergirl face off against Reign in October when Supergirl returns for its third season.

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