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GRIM.exe Joins ‘Paragon’

Epic Games unveiled a brand new hero for Paragon today, GRIM.exe, adding another pint-sized lunatic with immense firepower to the game. The Iron-Man-like robot is actually controlled by a small imp like creature. He’s not unlike Iggy and Scorch, the dog-demon riding fire-starter also available in Paragon.

For some reason, this archetype is actually common in competitive multiplayer games and MOBAs in particular. GRIM.exe joins Heroes of the Storm‘s GazloweDota 2‘s AlchemistLeague of LegendsRumble, and Overwatch‘s D. Va. There must be something deeply satisfying in blowing away your enemies as a diminutive pip-squeak with a big living-weapon.

Looking to fry some enemies in Paragon? GRIM.exe will be available to Early Access players on Tuesday, May 10th, and to all Paragon players when the game launches an open beta later this summer.

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Jorge Albor
Jorge Albor

Jorge Albor is a staff editor at Fandom. He's been involved with games in one way or another since 2008. You can find him writing on PopMatters, hosting the EXP Podcast, and covering all kinds of games right here on Fandom. He has a special love for esports, board games, and movies.

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