Who is the Greatest X-Man? Bracket Tournament

X-Men: Apocalypse is coming out on May 27! We’ve been getting into X-Men arguments nonstop as the date approaches, and we keep coming back to the same question. “Who is the greatest X-Man of all time?” Apocalypse is all about “survival of the fittest” so this seems like an appropriate time to hold a massive X-Men bracket tournament. The votes will decide who is strong enough to continue and who is obsolete. It was hard narrowing down the list of 150+ X-Men and X-Men affiliates (including alternate universes), but we picked our 64 favorites to fight to the death. You can vote below, but click on this link to the X-Men Wiki if you want to debate nerds in the comments!

Breaking it Down

X-Men Magneto Professor X

Okay, look, I know why you’re really here. You wanna see Doop fight Lockheed. Don’t worry, be patient, we’ll get there! We just have to get through the boring stuff first. In the first round we have a battle between brothers with Cyclops vs. Havok, and more family feuds with Banshee vs. Siryn and Cannonball vs. Husk. The psychics section could be anyone’s game between Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Professor X. The heavy-hitters section has the strongest X-Men duking it out, including Colossus, Juggernaut, and Namor. There’s a great mix of classic characters and obscure fan-favorites here, so there should be something for everybody.

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Thanks for reading! For more information on the X-Men, check out the Marvel Database and the X-Men Wiki on Wikia! 

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