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Gotham is back on Monday night with its midseason premiere. In case you need a refresher after the hiatus, or if you’re jumping on for the first time, here’s a look at all of the big developments to catch you up.

Please note that there are minor spoilers ahead…

The Rise of Azrael

Azrael Jean-Paul Valley New 52

In the first half of the season we were introduced to the big bad Theo Galavan, a corrupt businessman and politician with a personal grudge against the Waynes. It was eventually revealed that his true surname is Dumas, and his family has hated the Waynes for centuries because they got in a fight or failed to return a DVD or something. Galavan belongs to the religious Order of St. Dumas and they have already attempted to ritually sacrifice Li’l Wayne. In the comics, we know the Order of St. Dumas as the people who created Azrael – a brainwashed assassin who styles himself after the angel of death. We’ve already seen set photos of Galavan as Azrael in the upcoming episodes, so we know there’s going to be a big showdown at some point.

Gordon Goes Dirty

Jim Gordon Dirty Gotham

Things have been spiraling out of control for Jim Gordon since the beginning of this season when he lost his job as a detective. Yung Bruce convinced him that doing the right thing meant making compromises, and he called in a favor with the Penguin to get his job restored. After a half-season of getting dirtier and dirtier, Gordon crossed the personal line he drew in the first episode when he helped Penguin execute Theo Galavan in cold blood. The mid-season finale also saw Gordon propose to Leslie Thompkins and learn that she’s pregnant with his child. As the line between Gordon and the people he puts behind bars grows thinner and thinner, I’m sure we’ll see him making some interest choices in the second half of the season.

Nygma Finally Snaps

Nygma Chokes Kringle Gotham

Edward Nygma has come a long way towards becoming the Riddler since his timid awkward portrayal in the beginning. Nygma’s mental state has been declining since last season, when he murdered the abusive lover of his romantic obsession Kristin Kringle. This brought out a dark alter-ego inside Nygma, functioning like a second personality that convinces him to embrace his dark side. You know, the classic Riddler stuff. The new more aggressive and confident Nygma even manages to successfully date his beloved Ms. Kringle! For about two seconds, before he confesses to the murder of her ex-boyfriend and then accidentally suffocates her to death while explaining that he’s not a monster. Ah, to be young and in love.

Strange Apparitions


Hugo Strange Apparitions

We haven’t seen him on the show yet, but it’s been announced that Gotham’s next big villain will be Professor Hugo Strange. In the comics Strange is a brilliant but insane psychologist and genetic scientist. His two greatest achievements are uncovering Batman’s secret identity, and creating abominations called the Monster Men. What a rascal! The show has mentioned Professor Strange as an administrator at Indian Hill, the adjunct to Arkham Asylum where the corpses of Fish Mooney and Theo Galavan are being held. Given the press releases showing Galavan alive, it seems like Strange has some big plans cooking.

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