‘Gotham’ Season 2 Recap: Bruce Wayne’s Friends and Foes

Wade Wilson
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TV Comics

The last episode of season two of Gotham aired on May 23, 2016. With season three on the horizon, airing Monday, September 19, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at where Bruce Wayne’s relationships have left off at the end of season two. Bruce Wayne has made some fascinating friends, and frightening foes over the show’s history, so let’s take a look.

Selina “Cat” Kyle

Selina Cat Kyle from Gotham perches upon a gothic building, in a catlike stance. She is wearing dark clothing with a fur-lined hood.

Bruce Wayne and Selina have shown a liking to one another. Selina even let him live with her for a few episodes. But what audiences really paid attention to was the kiss. In the first few episodes of season two, Selina noticed that Bruce liked her, so she took him to the Gotham Bridge. Bruce likes Selina, but he chose his father’s work over a relationship with her.

So far, Selina has proved to be a great ally for Bruce as she has snuck into Arkham Asylum to help him. However, this opens up the opportunity for season three to gut-punch fans with a betrayal. Will they be that cruel to us? And to Bruce Wayne?

Hugo Strange

Bruce has only just heard of how Hugo Strange had betrayed his father, but he seems to be shocked by the revelation. Bruce wants to help Strange’s victims, but the way things are looking, that could be difficult going into season three. Fans could expect this to be a major part of the story arc in the next season.


Azrael is seen in an iron mask, and dark cape and hood. He is wearing an ammunition belt that stretches across his chest like an X.

Azrael has been brainwashed by Hugo Strange, and he wants to find and kill Bruce Wayne. Although Azrael shows some hope of eventually breaking free and realizing who he is, this has yet to happen. Azrael is the quintessential enemy to Bruce – cunning and dangerous. Fans of Gotham are expecting major conflict coming up.

Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze

Seen in an antiseptic room with a cold, bluish tint, Mr Freeze appears center-frame with white hair, unnaturally light blue glowing eyes, and what looks like a white hospital gown.

Mr. Freeze has only been seen by Bruce. He froze Karen Jennings, a key witness in the Wayne murders, and killed her by shattering her to pieces. Fries then tries to kill the young Wayne but fails thanks to the efforts of former detective Jim Gordon.

Season two ends in a battle of the elements between Firefly and Freeze that leaves Dr. Strange dead, and Freeze nowhere to be seen. Fans can expect him to reappear in season three. His true revenge is over his wife’s death and not necessarily directed solely at Wayne. But because his plans are so erratic, we can expect him to get in the way of Bruce Wayne’s ongoing fight for justice in the upcoming season.

Jim Gordon

Detective Jim Gordon is seen center-screen, flanked by his colleagues inside a dark, gothic interior. He is walking forward authorotatively, with his hand up in the air, displaying his badge.

Speaking of Mr. Gordon, he recently proved himself not-guilty of murder. Not only that, he risked his job at the GCPD to assist Bruce to help a victim of Hugo Strange escape. Proving himself to be a true friend to Bruce, he’s one of the only men that Bruce can truly trust. Audiences need something to believe in. We’re hoping Bruce can continue to trust Mr. Gordon in season three of Gotham because that’s a gut-punch we just don’t need.

Ivy Pepper

Poison Ivy is depicted from the shoulders up, lit from above in a dark interior. She looks pensive. Her hair is a mess.

Ivy Pepper has shown to be helpful to Bruce Wayne, only asking that he does not touch her plants. She has helped Bruce and Cat rob a group of small-time gang members, even supplying them with mushrooms to knock them unconscious. The only thing is, it’s hard to tell where these two stand as of now.

In the end, the soon-to-be Batman has just enough allies, most of which he will have to watch closely thanks to the potential for them to become his foes. But for now, we can only watch as the story unfolds, and wait for the truth to come to light. Season three airs on September 19. Check out the trailer below:

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